OWWA Scholarships 2024 | Apply for OFWs and Dependents

There’s a wide selection of OWWA scholarships available for Overseas Filipino Workers’ beneficiaries and qualified dependents. However, only OFWs with active OWWA memberships can enjoy these education programs and benefits. If you’re curious about the best training programs and scholarships offered by OWWA, keep reading.

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, under the Department of Labor and Employment, is a government agency that promotes, secures, and supports the well-being of OFWs as well as their qualified dependents. Depending on the accreditation and selection process of the participating institutions, OWWA members can apply for these programs and scholarships for themselves or their designated beneficiaries.

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How to Apply for OWWA Scholarships

In order to become eligible for an OWWA scholarship, there are certain qualifications and requirements to meet depending on the scholarship grant or training program. Some of the scholarships are offered by private organizations and government agencies including the Commission on Higher Education, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, and Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education.

It’s important that OFWs and families are aware of these programs and the benefits that come with their active OWWA membership. Below is a complete list of the current scholarships offered by OWWA to qualified OFWs and their beneficiaries. Know how you can benefit from OWWA Education and Scholarship Grants by checking out the following:

Education for Development Scholarship Program

This EDSP scholarship grant is designed for eligible dependents or beneficiaries of OFWs who are also active OWWA members and are included in the top awardees of the pre-qualifying examination given by the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute. They are the ones who want to enroll in an undergraduate course at their chosen universities or colleges. The scholarship provides financial assistance amounting to Php 60,000 every school year.

OFW Dependent Scholarship Program

OFW dependents including children or siblings who are enrolled or want to enroll in a degree program at a preferred state university or college are welcome to apply for the OFW Dependent Scholarship Program (ODSP). For each academic year, it provides up to Php 20,000 worth of financial assistance to qualified dependents of OFWs with active OWWA account and a maximum of USD 600 monthly salary.

Skills for Employment Scholarship Program

The SESP scholarship is offered to eligible applicants who want to improve their skills. An applicant who wants to enroll in a technical course for one year may get an amount of Php 14,000, while vocational courses that only take six months will get Php 7,250. The financial aid will be given straight to the organization or school where the beneficiaries or dependents are enrolled.

Educational Livelihood Assistance Program

This two-part educational assistance consists of livelihood assistance for the OFW’s spouse and a scholarship grant for the beneficiaries. The ELAP is basically designed with the deceased OFW survivors in mind. The dependents will receive an amount of Php 5,000 for elementary scholars, Php 8,000 for high school, and Php 10,000 for college scholars. For the livelihood grant, the spouse will receive an amount of Php 15,000 in financial assistance.

Educational Programs for Seafarers

Aside from the scholarships and training programs offered by OWWA to the beneficiaries of OFWs or land-based Filipino migrant workers, there are also training programs available to mariners. Check them out below.

Seafarers’ Upgrading Program (SUP)

Under this program, the seafarer applicants can choose a TESDA or MARINA-accredited training center to complete a course provided by the training institution. The training providers where they can enroll are recognized by OWWA’s Seafarers’ Upgrading Program. The financial assistance given to beneficiaries starts from Php 1,200 to Php 7,500.

Mariner’s Dugtong Aral Program (MDP)

Compared to other training programs for seafarers, this Mariner’s Dugtong-Aral Program scholarship provides higher financial support of Php 38,120 with an additional Php 15,000 for three months’ worth of stipend. However, you need to be a qualified graduate of BS Electrical Engineering or BS Mechanical Engineering to avail of this scholarship. Basically, MDP is for Marine Officers planning to work on a ship with a BS Marine Engineering degree.

Other Education Programs for OFWs

  • Pre-Departure Education Program. Prior to the departure date of OFWs, they need to attend a Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program and Country-Specific Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar. This one-day orientation program gives OFWs an idea of the work environment or country of their employment.
  • Information Technology Training Program. OFWs and their dependents can enroll in this program to learn some IT skills. It offers Basic Computer Literacy training in Regional Welfare Offices or OWWA offices abroad. The main goal is to help them develop essential computer skills that are important when applying for jobs in the Philippines and abroad.
  • Project Educational Assistance Through Scholarship in Emergencies. Project EASE helps qualified college dependents of OFWs through educational grants amounting to Php 10,000 each year for four years. This is specifically for active OWWA members who were affected by the pandemic.
  • Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program. The CMWSP provides financial assistance to the beneficiaries or children of OFWs with active OWWA membership. The fund is provided by PCSO to help families meet their education needs. Financial aid can go up to Php 20,000 each academic year.

Video: How to Apply for OWWA Scholarship

In this video, you will find all the necessary steps in applying for an OWWA scholarship depending on where you and your beneficiaries are qualified for. It will teach you how to apply online and what requirements you need to secure before you send in your application. There are a few OWWA scholarships highlighted in the video to help you start with your application process.


Now that you have a list of OWWA scholarships and training programs for Filipino migrant workers, you can choose which is the best educational assistance you need for you and your family. However, it’s important to understand that there are qualifications and requirements for these scholarships before you can avail them. You can choose between special scholarships and regular scholarships that fit your situation.

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