Contract Verification for Overseas Filipino Workers

Do you have a new overseas employer? Then this guide on how to verify employment contracts for OFWs would surely be helpful for you. OFWs who have new employers abroad are required to verify their employer and job validity. They need to process contract verification to make sure that they are registered Overseas Filipino Workers.

Whether you’re embarking on a new chapter as an OFW or have a wealth of international work experience, it’s good to stay informed about the ever-changing guidelines regarding the verification of employment contracts. We’ll talk about the intricacies of the process and provide you with insights on how to navigate it effectively.

Explore the resources and services available at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Department of Migrant Workers, or the Embassy of your destination country, as you go through this OFW journey. Now, let’s learn about the requirements, processing tips, qualifications, and some of the most frequently asked questions about contract verification below.

what is employment contract verification for ofws

What Is Contract Verification?

Contract verification is a vital step for OFWs, ensuring that their employment agreements are thoroughly reviewed and validated by the Labor Attache. This crucial process confirms the presence of a legitimate job offer and reputable employer awaiting Filipino migrant workers abroad.

By carefully assessing the employment contracts, it safeguards the rights, welfare, and benefits of OFWs, guaranteeing compliance with the minimum requirements of employment laws, practices, and standards in both the host country and the Philippines. Stay informed and confidently secure your professional journey through a diligent contract verification process.

Filipinos who secure employment overseas or transition to new employers while abroad must undergo employment contract verification via the nearest POLO or DMW office. This verification holds great importance as it enables the Philippine government to actively intervene in overseas applications, ensuring the well-being and protection of individuals.

It is mandatory for every OFW in obtaining their Overseas Employment Certificate, a vital document required for all Filipino workers abroad. For OFWs residing in foreign countries, contract verification becomes particularly important when transitioning to new employers, emphasizing the need to be familiar with the process.

Requirements for Employment Contract Verification

There are a few basic requirements when verifying your employment contract abroad depending on the purpose for verification and the host country. For instance, the requirements if you’re transitioning to another employer and renewing a contract.

For OFWs changing their employers abroad, here are the following requirements:

  • One original copy and photocopy of a valid passport.
  • A photocopy of the employer’s identification with contact information.
  • Two copies of the Standard Employment Contract.
  • Copy of new Employment E-Visa.
  • Copy of valid ID with contact information.

If you’re having a representative, make sure to fill up the OWWA OFW form.

For those who are changing employers or are still unregistered with the POEA, it’s important to follow the on-site verification process. To proceed, you need to obtain the following essential documents:

  • Complete employment documentation.
  • On original copy and two photocopies of OEC.
  • Photocopy of valid Visa.
  • Copy of valid company ID.
  • Photocopy of valid passport with validity of at least six months after departure date.
  • One original copy and two photocopies of the employment contract.
  • Photocopy of updated company profile or business registration.

For those OFWs who will renew their contracts abroad, the important documents required are listed below:

  • Copy of new Employment E-Visa.
  • Copy of valid ID with updated contact details.
  • Two original copies of the Standard Employment Contract.
  • Copy of employer’s identification card including updated contact information.
  • Original copy and one photocopy of a valid passport.

Don’t forget to complete the OWWA OFW form for the representative.

For domestic workers with second and subsequent renewal, here are the additional requirements to accomplish:

  • Copy of employment contract which was previously verified.
  • For domestic workers who are registered onsite and need to renew without agency, a notarized Affidavit of Undertaking is a must.

Qualifications for Contract Verification

In order to verify your new employment contract overseas, you need to meet some important qualifications. Below are the qualifications that OFWs must meet in order to obtain their OECs:

  • Filipino nationals who were authorized for employment visas by the Immigration Department.
  • Filipino migrant workers who are duly registered with the POEA and switched to a new job onsite.
  • Filipinos who are employed abroad without any POEA records.

Steps in Processing Contract Verification

There are key options for you to verify your employment contract without the hassle. You can either process your contract verification through the Department of Migrant Workers Office or the POLO office in the host country.

If you’re processing your contract verification via the DMW, you need to visit their office near you. The DMW office is responsible for monitoring and safeguarding the rights and welfare of OFWs. In addition, you can also visit their official website in order to find licensed agencies and employers abroad. This will help you verify your employer’s background for any complaints or cases filed against them. However, this option is not available if you’re a new hire.

Here are the easy steps you need to follow:

1. Go to the nearest DMW office and schedule an appointment via their website. You can also email them to set an appointment.

2. Submit your requirements to the DMW office.

3. Pay the fee to complete the verification process.

4. After three working days, you can pick up your verified employment contract.

Another option is to verify your employment contract through the POLO office in your destination country. Simply contact the Philippine Embassy or the Consulate assigned in your host country. The POLO official will review your contract and make sure you have all the required documents before starting your new job.

The following are the quick steps in verifying your contract with POLO:

1. Go to the official POLO website and set a schedule for the verification process. You may also email them.

2. Bring all the important documents that you need to submit to the POLO office.

3. Pay the verification fee as well as the OWWA membership fee for memberships that are about to expire or are already expired.

4. After three working days, your verified contract will be ready for pickup.

Now, if you’re a skilled worker or a professional abroad, here’s how you can verify your contract:

1. Contact the nearest POLO office or email them through their website to schedule an appointment.

2. Send all the required documents to the POLO office.

3. Once your verified employment contract is ready for pickup, settle the verification fee.

The power of having a verified employment contract for OFWs is that it vouches for your legitimacy as a Filipino migrant worker. Additionally, you are obligated to verify your employment contract as an OFW in order to obtain an OEC. For OFWs who are in the Philippines, they can coordinate with the POEA to get their contracts verified. For those already working and living abroad, the best way to process their contract verification is through their POLO office.

Video: OFW Contract Verification

In this video, you will learn about the step-by-step process of verifying employment contracts for OFWs. There are detailed tips on how you can expedite the process by simply bringing all the necessary papers to verify your contract abroad. Also, this helpful guide will ensure that you will succeed in your journey as a Filipino migrant worker in your chosen country by protecting your rights and benefits.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

  • Secure all requirements from the right government offices to ensure they are authentic.
  • Bring all the required documents to avoid making multiple trips to DMW or POLO office.
  • Only go to the designated office near you when your appointment has been confirmed for your employment contract verification.
  • It’s necessary to verify employment contracts in order for OFWs to obtain an OEC.
  • The requirements and processing for contract verification depend on the host country. It’s highly advised to contact the nearest DMW or POLO office to make sure any additional requirements are met.

Wrapping It Up

The verification of employment contracts is a crucial step undertaken by the POEA before granting OFWs their OECs. Additionally, Philippine BM Centers also require verified employment contracts when issuing OECs. Furthermore, when preparing for departure, you may be requested to present your verified contract to the Philippine Immigration officer.

Thus, the verification of employment contracts is an important part of your journey as an OFW. It ensures that you have a safe and secure job abroad with fair wages and benefits in accordance with Philippine labor laws. You also have the guarantee that all other aspects such as working hours, holidays, vacation leave and overtime pay are rightfully given to you when you get there.

Verifying your contract also helps protect you against any potential violations of labor laws in the country where you will be employed. With this, may we wish all our Overseas Filipino Workers a successful start to their new jobs! Safe travels! Mabuhay ang mga OFWs!

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