OWWA Rebate Application: How to Claim OWWA Rebate Program

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is an agency that helps Overseas Filipino Workers take care of their welfare especially when abroad. OWWA members are advised to pay their membership every 2 years to keep their account active. However, if an OFW has not claimed any OWWA benefit, there is an OWWA Rebate Program created in order for Pinoys to get some of their contributions back. This aims to allow active OWWA members for 10 years to rebate some percentage of their contributions. OFWs with active OWWA memberships can earn a specific amount if they qualify and meet the requirements.

The rebate program has been established under Section 4 of RA 10801, also known as the OWWA Act. It states that every OFW with active OWWA membership for one decade can get a rebate amount as long as they haven’t received any OWWA service or program. Moreover, the online portal for this program was launched in 2019 in order to assist OFWs and their dependents in getting rebates depending on their contributions.

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What is the OWWA Rebate Program?

The OWWA Rebate Program is designed to help Filipino migrant workers and their families get a percentage of cashback from their paid contributions. The program offers a specific amount to qualified beneficiaries. However, the OFW must not have received any benefit, program, or service from OWWA to become eligible for a rebate.

The rebate varies depending on the OWWA contributions paid by the OFW. Also, eligible dependents of a deceased OFW can claim the amount or donate it to the OWWA Tuloy-Aral Project beneficiaries. It’s important to secure the qualifications and requirements in order to benefit from the OWWA Rebate Program.

Benefits of the Rebate Program

Through the Rebate Program, eligible OFWs and their beneficiaries can get a rebate between Php 941.25 to Php 13,177.50 depending on their paid contributions. The rebate amount also depends on the commissioned actuarial study of the OWWA in order to determine how much the agency has for the program.

Based on the agency’s database, the Php 1 billion fund is for the 556,000 qualified beneficiaries of the program and another Php 2 billion for the new eligible OFWs for the OWWA Rebate Program. Here’s a list of the rebate amount per number of paid contributions to give you an idea of how much you can receive:

  • 5 paid contributions = Php 941.25
  • 6 paid contributions = Php 1,129.50
  • 7 paid contributions = Php 1,317.75
  • 8 paid contributions = Php 1,506.00
  • 9 paid contributions = Php 1,694.26
  • 10 paid contributions = Php 1,882.50
  • 20 paid contributions = Php 3,765.00
  • 30 paid contributions = Php 5,647.50
  • 40 paid contributions = Php 7,530.00
  • 50 paid contributions = Php 9,412.50
  • 60 paid contributions = Php 11,295
  • 70 paid contributions = Php 13,177.50

It’s important to note that rebate amounts are not a cashback or refund of your paid contributions to OWWA. Rather, they only provide a certain percentage of your contributions.

Requirements for OWWA Rebate Application

For qualified OFWs for the OWWA Rebate Program, the documentary requirements are listed below:

For OFWs who are still working abroad, they can authorize a family member or qualified dependent to prepare all the following requirements for OWWA Rebate Program processing.

  • Appointment code
  • Authorization letter issued by the eligible OFW
  • One valid ID of the OFW and their authorized representative
  • Birth certificate, marriage contract, or any related document as proof of relationship

For critically ill OFWs, their authorized family members or dependents should complete the following requirements that will be presented to the OWWA Regional Welfare Office near them:

  • Medical certificate
  • Appointment code
  • Authorization letter
  • One valid ID of the OFW and their authorized representative
  • Marriage contract, birth certificate, or any related document as proof of relationship

The appointment code will be sent via SMS, make sure you have it during your appointment with the OWWA Regional Welfare Office.

Qualifications for OWWA Rebate Application

If you’re interested in applying for the OWWA Rebate Program, it’s important to consider whether you are eligible or not. Check out the following qualifications to see if you are qualified for a rebate:

  • OFWs who are also active OWWA members for at least 10 years.
  • Active OWWA members with 5 years or more aid contributions.
  • OFWs or qualified beneficiaries who haven’t received any OWWA benefit, service, or program.
  • Eligible dependents of deceased OFWs who qualify for the program.

An OFW’s family member or relative can also process the rebate application as long as they meet the following qualifications:

  • If the OFW still works abroad, the online application can be processed to schedule an appointment via the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office. The authorized beneficiary of the OFW can claim the rebate.
  • OFW’s family members can process the rebate for qualified OFWs who are critically ill.

The Rebate Program is available for both sea-based and land-based Overseas Filipino Workers who meet all these listed qualifications.

How to Apply for the OWWA Rebate Program

Qualified seamen and OFWs can both apply for the OWWA Rebate Program through these steps:

Step 1: Log onto the OWWA Rebate Portal by clicking on this link: https://rebate.owwa.gov.ph/.

Step 2: Complete all the required information in the OWWA Rebate Verification Form. You can obtain the verification form through the same link: https://rebate.owwa.gov.ph/. Make sure to provide your active phone number where OWWA will send the appointment code.

Step 3: Check your details and make sure they are all correct and accurate before clicking the Inquire button.

Step 4: The corresponding rebate amount will appear on the screen if you are eligible for the OWWA Rebate Program.

Step 5: Select the date, time, and location to schedule an appointment and claim the rebate. An SMS will be sent for the confirmation which includes the appointment code.

Step 6: During the appointment, go to your preferred OWWA RWO to claim the rebate.

Step 7: Present your appointment code together with your valid ID.

Step 8: Lastly, provide your bank account information where OWWA will deposit the rebate amount.

There are other ways for qualified Overseas Filipino Workers to process their applications and claim their rebate. In addition to the online application, you can also claim your rebate while renewing your OWWA membership in case you’re still currently employed abroad. On the other hand, you can also donate your rebate to OWWA Tuloy Aral Project beneficiaries if you want to.

Video: OWWA Rebate Portal Available Online

In this video, you will learn about the entire process of the OWWA Rebate Program application online. It includes all the qualifications, requirements, and steps in applying for a rebate via OWWA Regional Welfare Office near you. Watch until the end to know everything about this program for qualified OFWs and their beneficiaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the OWWA Rebate Program and the answers you need to know:

1. What is the main purpose of the OWWA Rebate Program?

The OWWA Rebate Program is designed to offer percentage cashback to qualified Overseas Filipino Workers based on their total paid contributions. OFWs can claim their rebate when renewing OWWA membership.

2. How to process my OWWA Rebate Program application online?

To apply for the OWWA Rebate Program, you must first meet the qualifications and requirements. Then, you can schedule an appointment through the OWWA Rebate Portal. Choose the time, date, and location where you want to claim your rebate. Submit the requirements during the appointment in order to claim the rebate amount.

3. Who is eligible to claim the OWWA rebate?

Based on the qualifications provided by OWWA, qualified beneficiaries are those Overseas Filipino Workers, both sea-based and land-based, who are active OWWA members for at least 10 years, or have 5 or more paid contributions. Also, legal dependents of deceased OFWs can claim for OWWA rebate given the OFW meets the qualifications.

4. How much will I receive from the OWWA Rebate Program?

The rebate amount you will get from the program depends on your total paid contributions. However, it typically ranges between Php 941.25 to Php 13,177.50 depending on your contributions.

5. Can I claim an OWWA rebate if I’m still abroad?

Yes, you can still claim the rebate amount under the OWWA Rebate Program when renewing your OWWA membership or by authorizing a family member to claim the amount on your behalf. Just make sure to provide all the required documents so that your qualified beneficiary can claim the money in the OWWA Regional Welfare Office.


By knowing the details about the OWWA Rebate Program, qualified Overseas Filipino Workers and their beneficiaries can easily claim a certain rebate amount based on their total paid contributions. The best thing about this program is that you can enjoy a higher rebate amount with more paid contributions since registering for OWWA membership. It can be beneficial for OFWs with financial struggles or those surviving families of a deceased OFW.

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