​OWWA Mobile App: How to Download and Register Online

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration has recognized the importance of catering to the needs of Overseas Filipino Workers. Collaborating with multiple Philippine government agencies, OWWA is actively implementing measures to optimize its services. By embracing online platforms and establishing robust digital support for OFWs.

This concerted effort underscores their commitment to enhancing accessibility and ensuring the well-being of Filipino workers abroad. OWWA has embarked on an initiative to enhance its services by developing a mobile app in addition to its existing web app. The primary goal is to simplify the delivery of services, aiming to support and protect OFWs and their communities.

Despite challenges such as budget limitations and reduced face-to-face interactions, OWWA endeavors to extend assistance to OFWs. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on downloading the OWWA mobile app, enabling users to access a wide range of e-services offered by the agency from anywhere they may be.

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​How Does the OWWA Mobile Application Work?

The OWWA mobile app represents an exclusive development by OWWA, meticulously crafted and maintained in-house. It serves as an online application aimed at providing OWWA members with seamless access to a comprehensive range of e-services, regardless of their location worldwide.

This user-friendly app can be effortlessly downloaded at no cost, catering to Android users through the Google Play Store and iOS users through the Apple Store. Its availability on both platforms ensures widespread accessibility and convenience for OWWA members seeking to utilize the agency’s diverse programs and services.

The mobile app introduces a transformative way for OFWs to access the services they rightfully deserve, devoid of lengthy queues or waiting times. Embracing the app’s convenience, OFWs can now effortlessly enjoy a wide array of services offered by OWWA from the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, the app keeps them well-informed by providing the latest updates on OWWA’s new policies services, programs, and announcements. This remarkable platform ensures that OFWs can seamlessly avail themselves of OWWA’s offerings while staying connected to the most recent developments in a timely manner.

​Features of the OWWA Mobile App

The main purpose of the OWWA mobile app is to offer convenient features that will help OFW users enjoy a more efficient and faster platform to process their needs. Here are the features as well as in-app options and services you can take advantage of the app:

  • Access and update your OWWA profile.
  • Renew your OWWA membership.
  • Verify your OWWA membership status.
  • Check your latest employment contract.
  • Pay for the membership fee and other contributions.
  • View and check your payment history.
  • Access your transaction history.
  • View the FAQs and check OWWA updates, contact information, and other important details.
  • Check OWWA project information.
  • View your passport details.

OFWs can conveniently access a wide range of features as well as services from anywhere in the world simply by becoming an OWWA member. The process of utilizing the OWWA mobile app is straightforward, requiring nothing more than downloading and installing the application on their mobile phones.

To enable OFWs to enjoy these features, services, and other options without the need to leave their preferred locations, whether it’s their offices or homes, the first crucial step is to ensure OWWA membership. Before embarking on this journey, it is essential for individuals to familiarize themselves with the requirements and procedures involved in becoming an OWWA member.

Requirements to Download the OWWA App and Install It

The OWWA mobile app stands out as a unique and tailored application created exclusively for the benefit of OFWs and those aspiring to become OFWs. It represents OWWA’s proactive response to the evolving digital landscape, offering a user-friendly and convenient platform to overcome the inherent challenges faced by OFWs in accessing essential services.

The app is freely available, giving you all the reasons to become an OWWA member and download this valuable tool. Now, what are the requirements to download and install this app on your device?

If you’ve decided to use this mobile app for your benefit, it’s important to know the steps in downloading and installing the OWWA mobile app. To get you started, you need to comply with the documentary and system requirements first. Below are the system requirements your mobile device needs to meet:

  • An operating system must be Android 4.3 or above for Android phones, iOS 9.0 and above for iPhone or iPod Touch, macOS 11.0 and above, and Apple M1 chip or more recent for MacBook.
  • Must have a download size of 12.24 MB for Android smartphones, or 17.2 MB for iPhone or iOS devices.
  • Offered by OWWA MISD
  • Allow permissions to the camera, storage, location, and other features including Referrer API, Wi-Fi, and full network access.

On the other hand, you also need to meet the documentary requirements in order to completely utilize this mobile app. Aside from becoming an OWWA member, you need to register and activate your membership status. To do so, you need these documentary requirements:

  • Employment Contract.
  • Valid Work Permit Card or Employment Pass.
  • One copy of the Passport Data Page with Photo.
  • Duly Accomplished OWWA Membership Form or OWWA OFW Information Sheet.
  • Certificate of Employment.
  • Valid Visa.
  • POLO-Verified Contract.
  • Membership Fee of US$ 25, depending on the currency in the country of employment.
  • Company-Issued Certificate valid within 30 days with stamp signature.

Steps in Downloading the OWWA Mobile App

Now that you have secured your requirements, the next step is to download the OWWA mobile app and install it on your phone or device. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go:

1. For Android smartphone users, go to Google Play Store and search for the OWWA Mobile App. Click Install and then open the app to register and log into your new account.

2. For iOS device users, go to the Apple Store and search for the OWWA Mobile App. Tap the Install button and then open the app to register your account.

To use the mobile app, OFW users need to register their accounts. Once you are registered, log into the account so you can begin utilizing the app features. You can follow this guide to ensure you log into your account correctly.

If you have an existing account on the OWWA mobile app, log in with your username and password. Here’s a detailed guide for you to enjoy the perks of this app:

  • Open the app and tap the login button.
  • Type in your username and then the password.
  • You will be directed to the main page of the app and see options including Login, Hotlines, Renew Membership, and Programs & Services.

If you still don’t have a registered OWWA account on the mobile app, it’s easy to create a new account once you have downloaded the app. Check out the following steps to get started:

1. Open the app and click Don’t Have an Account? Sign Up Here.

2. Enter the details asked in the registration form.

3. Confirm that all information you have entered is accurate and true. Continue by clicking on the Register button.

4. You will receive a message via email confirming that you have successfully registered as well as your login details.

5. Go back to the OWWA mobile app to log in.

6. With your login details, simply log into your account.

​Important Reminders Before Installing the OWWA Mobile App

The following are important reminders and guidelines when you download, install, and use the OWWA app:

  • Once the account registration is successful, OFW users will receive an email confirmation.
  • OWWA membership that is either active or inactive can register for the OWWA app account.
  • An officially registered account on the OWWA mobile app is required for OFWs before they can use its features and services.
  • Registered members of the OWWA mobile app can join in all OWWA activities, access its e-services and special programs, and check updates on the latest services or features.
  • OWWA members can register, verify, update, and process payment fees on themobile app anytime and anywhere.

However, it’s not a requirement to download the mobile app in order for you to become a member of OWWA. In registering as an OWWA member, you are not required to download and install the app, but it will be a huge help to utilize the app as you embark on your OFW journey.

Video: Step by Step OWWA Guide to Mobile App Online

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to register, log in, and use the OWWA mobile app:

Frequently Asked Questions

Write FAQs with answers about OWWA Mobile App

1. What is the OWWA mobile app?

The OWWA mobile app is an application created by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to provide assistance and services to OFWs. Through this app, OFW members can access different features such as e-services, hotlines, programs & services and more.

2. How do I register for the OWWA Mobile App?

To register for the OWWA mobile app, simply download it from your device’s respective store and then open the app to sign up with your details. You will need a valid email address to receive a confirmation of your account registration.

3. Is it necessary to have an account on the OWWA mobile app?

Yes, it is necessary to have an account on the OWWA mobile app in order to access its features and services. Without an account, you will not be able to use any of its functions.

4. What are some of the features that I can access with my OWWA Mobile App account?

With your OWWA mobile app account, you can access different features such as hotlines, programs & services, renew membership service, and more. You can also find updates on latest services or features available for OFWs.

5. Do I need to pay anything for using the OWWA Mobile App?

No, you do not have to pay any fees in order to use the OWWA mobile app. However, some of its services or features may require that you make a payment.

​Bottom Line

The OWWA mobile app is an exclusive application managed by OWWA, providing convenient access to services, programs, and benefits for OFWs as part of their OWWA membership. This app reflects OWWA’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and streamlining service delivery. With the OWWA mobile app, OFWs can easily access a wide range of functionalities without making any phone calls, emails, or physical visits to OWWA offices.

The app offers a user-friendly platform that empowers OFWs to conveniently navigate and avail themselves of the support they need. This innovative solution revolutionizes the way OFWs engage with OWWA, providing them with a seamless and efficient experience.

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