OWWA CMWSP Scholarship Application

Filipino migrant workers have options when it comes to scholarship programs that can help them expand their knowledge and skills for better career opportunities abroad. One of these OWWA scholarships is the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program which can also be used by immediate relatives or qualified beneficiaries of OFWs.

The CMWSP scholarship grant is offered with the help of the Department of Science and Technology. Applicants should pass the DOST examination in order to enjoy the benefits and privileges of this scholarship. More importantly, this is for those who want to pursue a baccalaureate course in college.

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What is Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program

The Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program is a scholarship grant for Filipino migrant workers and their dependents who intend to study for a college degree in the Science and Technology field. Passers of the DOST exam are qualified for this scholarship grant and can enjoy up to Php 60,000 worth of financial assistance for each academic year.

The funding for the CMWSP is given by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. It was established based on the Republic Act 8042 or Section 37, Article IX also known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995. Every school year, interested applicants can file their scholarship applications in the month of June. The deadline is on the first week of August of every year according to ROCS as per the scheduled examination conducted by the DOST.

Benefits of the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program

For qualified applicants of the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program, the scholarship grant offers a huge deal of benefits including the Php 60,000 maximum financial assistance given each academic year. That covers the tuition fee of every scholar and book allowance to help them in their studies.

Requirements for CMWSP Application

It’s important to note that applications with incomplete requirements will not be honored by the DOST. Therefore, you need to consider the required documents when applying for a CMWSP scholarship grant. Also, applications will be reviewed and verified further according to the requirements submitted. Approved applications mean you are allowed to take the National Competitive Exam by DOST.

But before that, you need to check whether you are qualified to apply for the scholarship or not. Below are the qualifications for CMSWP:

  • OFWs with active OWWA membership
  • Doesn’t have other scholarship grants
  • Hasn’t taken any post-secondary or vocational courses, CMWSP qualifying test, and undergraduate or college units
  • First-year college enrollees must be a singling or child of an OFW OWWA member, single, 21 or below, 80% GWA, College Admission Test passer, and among the top 100 DOST pre-qualifying exam passers
  • For 2nd to 5th-year college applicants, must be single, 30 or below, and should have at least 85% GWA

Now, here are the basic requirements for applicants who want to avail of the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program:

  • Two copies of the duly accomplished CMWSP Application Form
  • Two copies of 2×2 ID photos
  • Certification of 80% GWA
  • Report Card, Form 137, or Transcript of Records
  • Proof of passing the DOST Exam
  • Scholarship Contract
  • Birth certificate from PSA
  • OFW’s passport ID
  • Official Receipt of contribution to OWWA
  • Income Tax Return
  • Proof of family income

How to Apply for CMWSP

If you have all the qualifications and requirements for your CMWSP scholarship application, all you need to do is follow these steps to get a slot.

Step 1: Go to https://scholarship.owwa.gov.ph and choose Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program.

Step 2: Under the Qualified Beneficiaries, check all the boxes.

Step 3: Choose the nearest location for the OWWA Regional Office in your area and tap on the Register button to apply.

Step 4: Wait until the master list of qualified applicants is released.

Step 5: If you’re qualified, you will receive a Notice of Award and the schedule for the orientation.

Step 6: Attend the orientation and participate in the scholarship agreement.

Video: OWWA Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program

In this video, you will get all the essential information you need about the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program. It also includes other helpful tips regarding the national government training programs for Filipino migrant workers as well as other scholarship programs you may apply for. There are highlights on livelihood and medical assistance for migrant workers and their qualified beneficiaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program?

The Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program is a college-level scholarship grant under RA 8042 for migrant workers or their dependents who want to pursue a degree related to Science and Technology.

2. When should I file for my CMWSP application?

The filing period for interested applicants who want to apply for the CMWSP scholarship grant is June. The deadline for submission is August every academic year.

3. What do I need to qualify for the CMWSP scholarship grant?

You need to pass the DOST exam and meet the qualifications in order to apply for the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program. Then you have to submit proof of passing the National Competitive Exam conducted by DOST as part of the documentary requirements.

4. How much will I receive every year if I qualify for the CMWSP scholarship grant?

Every academic year, scholars of the CMWSP will receive Php 60,000 of financial aid to cover their tuition fees and other allowances.

5. Can I still apply if I’m already 30 years old?

Yes, applicants who are 30 years of age and below are still welcome to apply for the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program as long as they are incoming college students and don’t have other scholarship grants.


So you’ve read about the meaning of the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program, its benefits, qualifications, requirements, and steps in applying. Now, you are ready to submit an application to your nearest OWWA Regional Office. Just make sure that you meet all the qualifications before applying, and that you have the documentary requirements to submit.


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