OWWA EDSP Scholarship Application 2023

With so many scholarship grants offered by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration to Filipino migrant workers and their beneficiaries, it can be overwhelming to find the best option for you. However, it’s important for OFWs to ensure an active OWWA membership in order to avail themselves of these education and training programs.

In this article, you will learn about the EDSP scholarship, its benefits, requirements, and steps on how to apply. For active OWWA members, this is a huge help for their beneficiaries who want to finish college and get a job abroad as well.

owwa edsp education for development scholarship application

What Is EDSP Scholarship?

The Education for Development Scholarship Program is a scholarship grant offered by OWWA to qualified dependents or beneficiaries of Overseas Filipino Workers with an active OWWA membership. It is available for those who want to enroll in a baccalaureate course which normally takes four to five years at a preferred university or college.

Scholars under this program will receive financial assistance of up to Php 60,000 for each academic year, or Php 30,000 for every semester. They can choose any course or program offered in any university or college that is accredited by CHED. The EDSP scholarship will continue until the scholars have completed their four to five-year courses and they comply with the Scholarship Agreement.


If you are qualified and passed the requirements for the EDSP scholarship, you can enjoy amazing benefits such as Php 60,000 allowance per year. You can also enroll in the university or college of your choice with any degree you want to finish. The scholarship grant is good until you’ve completed your course.


To become eligible for the EDSP scholarship, you should meet the following criteria:

  • At age 21 or below
  • Children of married OWWA members, or siblings of unmarried OWWA members
  • Filipino citizen
  • With good moral character and good health
  • An average grade of 80% and included in the upper 20% of their graduating batch

For the documentary requirements, you need to submit the following documents in order to apply for the EDSP scholarship:

  • Duly accomplished application form in two sets
  • Two copies of 1×1 ID photo
  • Birth certificate of the applicant and the OWWA member issued by PSA or the Local Civil Registrar, or any proof of relationship to the OFW
  • Transcript of Records or Form 137 with Certification on Scholastic Standing from the Principal
  • OWWA Membership Processing Center certification, Official Receipt of OWWA Contribution, or any proof of OWWA membership
  • Good Moral Character or Form C from the Guidance Counselor or the School Principal
  • Health Certificate or Form B to prove physical fitness
  • Two sets of certifications issued by the Principal attesting that the applicant is among the upper 20% of the graduating class
  • Sworn statement or Form F signed by the legal guardian or parent that the applicant doesn’t have any pending resident immigrant application in another country and is not a dual citizen
  • Applicant’s statement or Form E proving that the applicant hasn’t earned units in any undergraduate or post-secondary course.

How to Apply for EDSP Scholarship 2023

Below is the step-by-step process when applying for the EDSP scholarship offered by OWWA to qualified dependents of active OWWA members:

1. Visit the nearest OWWA office in your area to get an application form or simply download the form online via the official OWWA website: https://owwa.gov.ph.

2. Secure all the required documents that you need to submit.

3. Submit the requirements online or through the OWWA Regional Office. Other options when submitting the documents are through courier services such as JRS, J&T, and LBC.

4. If you passed the application, you will receive a call from an OWWA representative to discuss the next steps.

You can visit the official website of OWWA in order to get more information regarding the EDSP scholarship application in your area.

Video: OWWA EDSP Scholarship SY 2022-2023

This video gives you all the information you need when applying for the OWWA Education for Development Scholarship Program. It mentions who is qualified or eligible to apply, the requirements needed in the application, and the steps you need to follow in order to become an EDSP scholar. There’s no deadline for the application as long as there are slots available for OFW beneficiaries to grab.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get the application form online?

You can get the EDSP Scholarship application form online via this link: https://owwa.gov.ph/images/downloads/Application%20Form%20Evaluation%20and%20Other%20Forms.pdf. Download and print a copy to be completed before the deadline for submission.

2. How do I get the OWWA EDSP Scholarship?

Eligible applicants need to pass the qualifying test in order to be chosen and awarded the OWWA EDSP Scholarship. More importantly, they should be eligible and secure all the required documents to process applications.

3. Who chooses the scholars for the EDSP Scholarship Grant?

The OWWA Scholarship Committee chooses and recommends the scholars for the EDSP Scholarship. For approval, the Administrator gives the final recommendation which is irreversible.

4. When does the application start for the EDSP Scholarship?

Every June, EDSP Scholarship applications are open to all eligible applicants or dependents of active OWWA members. The submission deadline is on the first week of August or on the date announced by the Responsible Outgoing College Students considering the date of the qualifying exam.

5. What if I don’t have some of the documentary requirements for the EDSP Scholarship application?

Applications with missing documentary requirements are not honored and will not be processed by any OWWA office. Make sure to check out the list of requirements before applying.


So now you know how to become an OWWA EDSP scholar with the helpful tips from this guide. The next step for you is to download or obtain the application form from the website or the nearest OWWA office in your area. However, make sure you are qualified for the scholarship grant and that you have all the requirements needed to process your application.

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