OWWA ELAP Scholarship Application 2023

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration offers assistance programs to Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. One of the most popular projects they have is scholarship programs that active OWWA members and their qualified dependents can apply for. For example, the Educational Livelihood Assistance Program (ELAP) provides educational training opportunities for applicants who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge while making income opportunities.

Essentially, ELAP serves as a two-in-one assistance scholarship program that helps dependents of deceased OFWs and OWWA members to continue their studies and start a business. There are certain conditions, however, to qualify for this program. For example, the OFW should have an active OWWA membership at the time of their death. The eldest child normally gets the scholarship, while the spouse will receive a livelihood grant.

owwa elap scholarship application

What Is ELAP Scholarship?

The Educational Livelihood Assistance Program is designed for dependents or beneficiaries of deceased OFWs. It includes scholarship and livelihood assistance programs for children and spouses of OFWs who passed away with an active OWWA membership. This financial aid program basically features a scholarship for one of the deceased OFW’s children, and a livelihood grant for the spouse or living parents in case the deceased OFW is single.

Normally, the eldest child of the OFW OWWA member who passed away will receive the scholarship benefits of ELAP. On the livelihood grant side, the surviving spouse or parent of the OFW will get financial assistance to help them start their own business.

Benefits of ELAP

ELAP scholars will receive an allowance of Php 5,000 for elementary, Php 8,000 for High School, or Php 10,000 for College students. For the livelihood grant, the parens or spouse of the deceased OFW will get Php 15,000 worth of financial aid. In order to enjoy these benefits, there are qualifications and requirements to meet for applicants.

Requirements for ELAP Application

If you want to submit an application for ELAP, you need to check the eligibility and requirements. Dependents of OFWs who passed away may be incoming grade school pupils, High School students, or College freshmen. To see if you fit the criteria, you need to meet these qualifications:

  • A beneficiary of an active OWWA member or OFW at the time of death
  • Must be single
  • Filipino citizen
  • 21 years old or below
  • Do not have other OWWA scholarship grant
  • Among the top 20% of their graduating class and with an 80% general weighted average.
  • Passer of the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute qualifying examination
  • Good Moral Character and health certificate
  • Meet the current admission and retention criteria of the preferred university

There are separate requirements for each part of the ELAP financial assistance program. The following requirements are for the scholarship grant:

  • Two copies of the application form
  • Two copies of 2×2 photos
  • Death certificate of the deceased OFW family member or similar document
  • Official transmission issued by a consulate or the embassy
  • Birth certificate of the applicant if the child of the deceased OFW, birth certificate of the applicant and the OFW if a sibling, Certificate of No Marriage if single, or any similar proof of relationship
  • Proof of enrollment such as the Enrollment Assessment Form, Certificate of Enrollment, or Certificate of Registration
  • Enrollment documents in electronic format such as Admission Test Scores or Evaluation Form
  • Proof of OWWA membership such as OFW Verification Sheet from MPC or Official Receipt of OWWA Contribution
  • Medical certificate
  • Good Moral Character Certificate from the Guidance Counselor or Principal’s Office
  • Proof that the applicant is among the top 20% of the graduating class and with 80% GWA average
  • Proof that the applicant has not taken any undergraduate or post-secondary units and doesn’t have another scholarship grant from OWWA
  • Original copy of the Scholarship Agreement
  • Sworn Statement as proof that the applicant doesn’t have any resident immigrant pending application and dual citizenship with the signature of legal guardians or parents

For those who want to apply for the livelihood grant, here are the documentary requirements:

  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Two copies of passport-size photos
  • Birth certificate from PSA or LCR or any similar proof of relationship
  • OWWA membership certificate of the OFW
  • Official receipt of livelihood package
  • Consent from the spouse, parent, or intended beneficiary that they aren’t interested in the grant and want to delegate the authority to the beneficiary who wants to take responsibility for their family

How to Apply

Once you have secured all the documentary requirements depending on the grant you intend to apply for, here are the steps you need to follow to complete the application process:

Step 1: Secure a copy of the Application Form issued by the OWWA office.

Step 2: Complete the requirements.

Step 3: Submit the documentary requirements to the local OWWA office. As an alternative, you may also send your application via courier services like JRS, J&T, or LBC. Make sure to include your application form, documents, and evaluation form.

Step 4: If you get a slot, OWWA will call you to confirm your successful application.

Video: Educational Livelihood Assistance Program

This video presents all the facts that you need to know about the Educational Livelihood Assistance Program from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration including how to apply, qualifications, benefits, and documentary requirements. Follow all the helpful tips here and you have the chance to secure a slot for this scholarship as long as you are a qualified dependent of a deceased OFW.


At this point, you understand how to apply for the Educational Livelihood Assistance Program together with the qualifications and documentary requirements. Remember, there are two parts to this program so you need to prepare two different sets of requirements for the scholarship grant and the livelihood assistance. This program is an ideal option for qualified dependents of deceased OFWs with active OWWA membership who need to continue their schooling and start a business.

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