OWWA ODSP Scholarship Application 2024

Some Overseas Filipino Workers struggle to send their dependents to college despite working abroad. With that in mind, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration offers scholarship grants to help them finish their preferred degrees. The ODSP (OFW Dependent Scholarship Program) Scholarship is one of the most popular education assistance programs that OWWA offers to OFW beneficiaries.

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This financial assistance is available to qualified dependents of OFWs given they meet the minimum requirements. In this article, you will get an idea of what the ODSP is, its benefits, documentary requirements, and how to apply. If you’re looking for a scholarship for OFW dependents, please follow the instructions below.

owwa odsp scholarship application

​What is the ODSP Scholarship?

The OFW Dependent Scholarship Program is designed for OFW dependents or beneficiaries. The dependents are eligible for this scholarship grant if their OFW family member is earning a maximum of USD 600 monthly salary. In addition, other qualifications and requirements should also be met in order to send your dependents to college through this program from OWWA.

Most of the scholarship grants that OWWA offers for OFW dependents can be used to enroll in four to five-year baccalaureate courses in Philippine universities and colleges. The ODSP financial assistance allocates Php 20,000 budget for each scholar every school year. Children of OFWs will receive this financial assistance until they have completed their college courses.

​Benefits of the ODSP Scholarship

In order to enjoy all the benefits of the ODSP Scholarship Grant, OFWs must be active OWWA members and earn USD 600 monthly salary. Eligible dependents will receive an amount of Php 20,000 for every academic year until they graduate. They are given the option to enroll in the course and university they want anywhere in the Philippines.


One of the most important requirements for eligible dependents of OFWs applying for this scholarship grant is to meet the qualifications set by OWWA. First of all, applicants should either be a sibling or a child of an OFW with active OWWA membership. Now, there are different requirements for applicants based on their year level.

For incoming freshmen, they must meet the following:

  • With a passing grade
  • Must be 21 years old or below
  • Status must be single
  • Incoming Grade 12 or already enrolled in Grade 12

For second-year to fifth-year students, must be:

  • Single
  • With a passing grade
  • 30 years old or below

Applicants are required to pass the examination of their preferred university or college. More importantly, they should not have other scholarship grants offered by OWWA. Here are the documentary requirements that applicants should submit when applying for the ODSP Scholarship:

  • Duly accomplished ODSP Scholarship Application Form issued by the OWWA Regional Welfare Offices
  • OFW Membership Record issued by the RWO
  • Two copies of the company or government ID with a name tag on the picture
  • One additional ID issued by the company of the OFW or authorized representative
  • Proof of relationship between the dependent and the OFW such as birth certificate issued by PSA; birth certificate of the OFW if the beneficiary is a sibling, birth certificate of the dependent, and CENOMAR of the OFW if still single
  • Certified True Copy of Form 137 or 138 of the dependent, or Transcript of Records with 80% GWA and without any failing grade issued by the School Registrar
  • One copy of the OFW’s contract salary no exceeding USD 600
  • Medical Certificate and Certificate of Good Moral

​How to Apply

1. Go to the OWWA official website via this link: https://owwa.gov.ph/ and read about the ODSP financial assistance program before sending an application online. You may also visit the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Offices in your area to obtain a copy of the Scholarship Form.

2. Complete all the requirements and fill up the application form.

3. Submit the documentary requirements including the duly accomplished application form to the RWO. You can also send all your requirements and application form through your local courier and address them to the RWO.

4. If you get a slot, an OWWA representative will contact you and give you more details about the scholarship. Note that applications start in June and end the first week of August.

​Video: OWWA Scholarship Program (ODSP)

In this video, you will find all the answers you need regarding the application process for ODSP applicants. There are tips on how to complete your application as well as the requirements and qualifications for OFW dependents. It also explains the step-by-step process while giving all the essential information on the deadline for submission, who can apply, and many more.

​Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for the ODSP Scholarship?

OFW dependents or beneficiaries who currently live in the Philippines and intend to enroll in any four to five-year baccalaureate course in any university or college.

2. Can I apply if I’m a second-year or fifth-year college student?

Qualified OFW dependents who are enrolled as a second year to fifth year in any college can apply for ODSP financial assistance.

3. How much will the qualified dependents get from the ODSP scholarship?

Each qualified dependent will receive Php 20,000 worth of financial assistance every school year until graduation.

4. What is the age limit for ODSP scholarship applicants?

Incoming freshmen should be 21 and below, while second-year to fifth-year students must not be older than 30.

5. Is there an average GWA or maintaining grade for ODSP scholars?

ODSP scholars or recipients must not have failing marks in their subjects in order to stay eligible for financial assistance.


Understanding how to apply for the OFW Dependent Scholarship Program will help qualified dependents increase their chances of getting a slot via the nearest RWO in their area or through the online application by logging onto the OWWA official website. With this short guide, OFW dependents can maximize the financial assistance they can get from OWWA while securing their future.

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