OWWA Project EASE Scholarship Application

While many Overseas Filipino Workers find their luck by working abroad, some still struggle financially, especially those who have children to feed and send to school. For OFWs who want to save more money so they can provide a better life for their loved ones back in the Philippines, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration offers educational assistance to improve their quality of life and job opportunities.

The Project Educational Assistance through Scholarships in Emergencies (EASE) is one of OWWA’s biggest projects for OFWs who need help in sending their children to school. These are OFWs who were affected by the recent health crisis. With Project EASE, COVID-affected Filipino migrant workers can send their children to school despite not having enough money to do so.

owwa project ease scholarship

What Is the Project EASE?

The Project Educational Assistance through Scholarships in Emergencies is a project of OWWA that is designed to provide educational assistance to qualified dependents of OFWs with active OWWA membership. It’s part of the amelioration program package of CARE which was originally created to assist OFWs who were affected by the pandemic.

Basically, the program aims to ease any struggles that affected OFWs experience after the COVID-19 health crisis. Under this educational assistance program, college-level beneficiaries can continue their studies even after their OFW family members were repatriated or lost their jobs. All qualified dependents are eligible to apply for this program and enjoy its privileges and benefits.

Benefits of OWWA Project EASE

OWWA allocated Php 400 million during the initial release of Project EASE and is focused on providing the fund to active OWWA members with qualified dependents in college. It offers Php 10,000 worth of educational assistance per year for grantees taking up a 4-year course in college. The assistance will continue until the college student completes his degree in college.

Whether you’re a Balik-Manggagawa, sea-based, or land-based OFW, your qualified dependents can enjoy the benefits of Project EASE as long as you have an active OWWA membership and your beneficiaries meet the important requirements. This annual financial assistance may not be enough for some college courses, but it can surely help ease the financial difficulties that OFWs experience due to the pandemic.

Requirements for Project EASE Application

If you’re planning to avail of the Project EASE scholarship grant, make sure to secure the following documentary requirements:

  • Duly accomplished Project EASE application form which you can get online via the OWWA website or mobile app. You may send an email to secure the form through ease@owwa.gov.ph
  • Valid passport of the OFW with active OWWA membership
  • Original copy of valid Philippine passport
  • Membership Record issued by the OWWA RWO, OFW E-Card, Official Receipt of OWWA contribution, or any similar proof of OWWA membership
  • Arrival stamp, boarding pass, or any related proof of arrival
  • Evidence of arrival or return to the Philippines from February 1, 2020, onwards, such as arrival stamp, passport sticker, boarding pass, or flight ticket
  • Proof of repatriation or dismissal
  • Applicant’s birth certificate if he or she is a child of a single or married OFW, or the OFW’s CENOMAR and child’s birth certificate or the nephew, niece, or sibling for single OWWA-member OFWs as proof of relationship
  • Applicant’s Certificate of Grade from the last semester

How to Apply for OWWA Project EASE

You can send in your application to the nearest OWWA office in your area by following these steps:

Step 1: Complete all the details required in the application form. You can access the application form through the OWWA website: https://ease.owwa.gov.ph or you can send an email to ease@owwa.gov.ph.

Step 2: Make sure all details are correct and true.

Step 3: Prepare all the requirements and make sure they are all included in the application.

Step 4: Submit your application via the official OWWA website, send an email to the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office, or visit the OWWA RWO to personally process your application. Don’t forget to set an appointment via the appointment scheduler on the website before you go to the office. Or you can set an appointment using the OWWA Mobile App.

Step 5: Wait for your tracking or reference number after submitting your application. Use the tracking number to check the status of your Project EASE application.

Step 6: Once your application has been approved, you will get a notification via email, phone call, or text.

Step 7: Download the Scholarship agreement and print it so you can have your own copy.

Step 8: Have the printed copy notarized and don’t forget to attach your signature for future purposes.

Step 9: After signing and having your printed Scholarship Agreement notarized, send it back to the nearest OWWA office through a selected local courier service.

Step 10: Qualified applicants will get an email or text notification with details on how they can claim the grant. If you’re approved, just follow the instructions in the email or text.

Video: How to Apply for OWWA Project EASE Scholarship for OFWs

This video shows the application process for the Project EASE scholarship grant offered by OWWA to OFWs who are affected by the pandemic. It also includes frequently asked questions and answers to help you learn the most important information about this educational assistance program for qualified dependents of active OWWA members and OFWs.


Now that you have all the information you need about the OWWA Project Educational Assistance through Scholarships in Emergencies, it would be easier to process your application with the nearest OWWA RWO in your area. Make sure to prepare all the required documents in order to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

College education can be a huge challenge for OFWs, especially with the recent health crisis. Repatriated OFWs or those who lost their jobs abroad due to COVID-19 can benefit from this educational assistance. Qualified dependents at the college level are welcome to apply for this scholarship grant given they have all the qualifications and requirements.

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