BM Online PH: Balik Manggagawa Online Processing for OFWs

An overseas Filipino worker coming back to the country for a short vacation will need to secure a Balik Manggagawa Overseas Employment Certificate. The BM OEC can only be processed through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) office (now called the Department of Migrant Workers), or via their official website via (now called POPs-BaM) online. There are a few important requirements to prepare before processing your OEC.

The OEC is an important document OFWs must secure in order to get a job abroad. Without it, Balik Manggagawa OFWs will not be allowed to return to their overseas employer. Therefore, it’s a prerequisite to undergo BM Online processing for OFWs and understand how this process works to expedite it.

What is BM Online Processing?

The DMW and POEA require both longtime and aspiring OFWs to obtain an OEC prior to their departure to work abroad. The certificate should be presented before the immigration officer to prove they underwent proper documentation and that they have a legitimate employer abroad. In addition, OEC also helps Filipino migrant workers to take advantage of OEC exemption in which they can enjoy lower taxes and fees.

Generally, Balik Manggagawa online processing involves submitting some documents to secure an exit clearance. You have to comply with these requirements and regulations of the DMW before you leave the Philippines. So, what are the documents you need to process your OEC?

Requirements to Process BM Online

  • Copy of a valid work permit, work visa, or any equivalent document.
  • Copy of valid passport, with six months validity from departure schedule.
  • Certificate of employment or any document to prove the OFW will return to the same employer abroad.

Steps in Processing Balik Manggagawa Portal Online

For OFWs, there are simple steps to follow when processing BM online for their OECs. Here’s how you can process Balik Manggagawa online if you’re a walk-in client:

1. Fill up the BM Information Sheet. You can go to the issuance counter located at the POEA entrance to get this form. Make sure to secure the queuing number and fill out all the details accurately. Once you have accomplished the form, go to the service counter and wait until your number appears on the machine.

2. Submit all required documents for evaluation. Go to the evaluation area when the queuing machine shows your number. Submit the requirements for approval and encoding. Note that the evaluator is the one to process your employment information in the system. Afterward, you will need to pay your fees at the cashier.

In case of insufficient documents or discrepancies, you will be advised to see the Division Chief or the BM Supervisor in charge for assistance in order to determine what needs to be done.

3. Go to the Assessment Counter or Cashier to pay your fees. Keep in mind that you need to wait until your e-receipt or OEC is ready to be released. This will be your travel exit clearance, hence you need to secure it before departing the country. Moreover, this can exempt you from paying terminal fees, documentary stamps, or travel taxes.

The POEA processing fee is only Php 100 per OEC or e-receipt. The minimum Pag-Ibig contribution per month is also Php 100. For the OWWA membership fee, you will need to pay US$25 or the equivalent amount in pesos. Lastly, you will also need to settle the PhilHealth contribution of Php2,400 per year.

On the other hand, you can process your OEC through the appointment system. First, you need to set an appointment via the Balik Manggagawa Online Appointment web page. On the system page, you can select which branch or office you want to process your e-receipt. The available time slot and dates will appear on the screen, make sure to choose a date that is convenient for you.

Secondly, make sure you have all the requirements needed before proceeding to the branch or office you scheduled an appointment with. Don’t forget to print your BM Information Sheet during your appointment.

Is There a Difference Between Balik Manggagawa and OEC?

According to the POEA, returning workers or Balik Manggagawa are OFWs with finished employment contracts and want to go back to the same employer, and with current records on the POEA database. Therefore, being a Balik Manggagawa basically means an individual who needs to renew his employment contract and work with the same overseas employer.

If you’re a returning worker, applying for your OEC using the Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System is important. For OFWs hired under an agency, the agency should be the one to submit their requirements to DMW or POEA while the overseas employer will settle the fees. If you’re hired by the POEA GPB, you need to present a valid visa and settle the fees asked when obtaining an OEC.

Video: POEA Balik-Manggagawa OEC New Online Process

In this video, you will understand how to process your BM OEC online with the latest requirements. It also explains how to sync POPS-BaM with the old BM account in order to make sure all your details are updated and correct. With a step-by-step guide, you can easily process your OEC online without breaking a sweat.

Additionally, there are some helpful tips to enjoy the benefits of getting an OEC exemption and how you can exactly get exempted from paying travel taxes and other fees. Make sure to watch until the end for a comprehensive guide to BM Online processing.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if you’re a returning OFW or a first-time migrant worker, it’s important to know how to process your OEC. This is, however, only applicable to OFWs returning to the same employer abroad. Without this exit clearance, it’s impossible to get past the immigration at the airport. More importantly, this allows you to enjoy lower travel taxes and fees.

One last thing, make sure to obtain your OEC within 60 days prior to departure for employment abroad. The key is to qualify for an exemption in order to get the benefits such as reduced fees and taxes.

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