​Book Online Appointment OEC POEA Guide for OFWs 2024

If you’re wondering how to process your Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) online, it’s important to know first whether you’re qualified for an exemption and online processing. You may also need to secure a schedule beforehand. There are requirements to meet in order to get qualified for OEC processing online. For OFWs who do not qualify, they are required to book an OEC appointment via the POEA website (now called the Department of Migrant Workers – DMW).

OFWs who are not qualified include the following: You aren’t qualified if you changed your employer and job site, don’t have an existing record with POPS-BaM or BM Online, and are without a work permit or valid visa. Through the online OEC appointment system, users are allowed to select their preferred time, date, and location. However, this is only for the appointment, you will be asked to visit your nearest Migrant Workers Office/Philippine Overseas Labor Office or POEA branch to process your OEC through the assistance of their staff.

So how do you accomplish this regular processing of OEC? In this quick guide, you will learn how to book an OEC appointment for OFWs. Keep reading until the end to get all the steps you need to take to obtain your overseas employment certificate.

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Steps When Booking an OEC Appointment via POPS-BaM

The POEA Online Processing System for Balik Manggagawa is a new system designed to replace the old BM Online system. Maintaining its core functionalities, POPS-BaM has been redesigned to get rid of bugs and reduce errors experienced by the old system.

For those who have accounts in BM Online, it’s fast and easy to transfer their information to the new POPS-BaM system. Here are the steps to follow when setting your OEC appointment using the new system:

1. Create an e-registration account and log in to the POEA Online Services website.

2. Update your information including your beneficiary and passport details on the My Profile web page.

3. Upload your passport and profile photos on the Dashboard based on the requirements.

4. On the Dashboard, tap the Balik Manggagawa link. If you have complete information, you will see four “green thumbs” on the screen. Click Next to go to the next page.

5. Type in your flight details. Make sure to check the reminders before you go to the next page.

6. Enter your arrangement details with your overseas employer on the Contract Details web page. Again, you are only required to schedule your OEC appointment online if you don’t have records with the POEA, have changed your foreign employer, or have transitioned to a new job site.

Select the type of transaction you need to make depending on your current situation. After you have provided all the needed information, tap Submit.

7. Select the nearest POEA or POLO office for your OEC appointment. Check the reminders on your screen before you go to the next page.

8. Choose the time and date for your OEC appointment. You can click the arrows to change the time and date of your appointment. Also, keep in mind that you cannot set an appointment on weekends.

Select the time and date on which you can surely show up. Once you have decided, just tap the Select button to confirm your appointment slot.

9. Double-check your appointment details. In case you have spotted an error in the details, tap the Cancel Appointment button and choose your time and date again. After making sure all your details are correct, click the Print Appointment button so you can bring a hard copy of your OEC appointment details.

Setting an Appointment for OEC via BM Online

While those who don’t have a BM Online account should use the POPS-BaM appointment system, we will still provide you with the step-by-step process when setting an OEC appointment using BM Online. Here’s how:

1. Go to the BM Online online system which is now called DMW Online Services.

2. Click on Already Registered and key in your valid email address and nominated password to log in.

3. Find the Appointment Setting below the OEC Verification pop-up.

4. Upload your recent photo.

5. Complete the required details in the My Profile section.

6. Go to the Acquire OEC or Exemption page.

7. Enter your flight details including the month, date, and year, then tap the Submit button.

8. On the Select Location page, choose a POLO or POEA branch from the drop-down menu for your OEC appointment.

9. On the next page, you will see a calendar for the available slots based on the location you have chosen. Tap your selected time and date to confirm.

10. You will see the Schedule Details on your screen. If it’s accurate, tap Set Appointment to continue.

11. Go to My Transactions, tap the Appointment tab, and you can see the confirmed OEC appointment.

12. From the Print Info Sheet, you will be directed to the Online Appointment Information Sheet.

13. Tap the Print Appointment link in order to print a copy of your appointment details.

14. At the bottom of the form, don’t forget to write your name and signature.

Now that you have booked your OEC appointment, the next step is to prepare all the required documents. What are they? Check out the following list:

  • Original copy and photocopy of an alien resident certificate, work permit or visa, or equivalent document.
  • Original copy and photocopy of valid passport with validity of at least six months from the date of departure.
  • Copy of the POPS-BaM or BM Online Sheet.
  • Copy of the business registration of the employer with the permit number, business name, email, telephone number, and business address.
  • Original copy and photocopy of employment contract authenticated and verified by the Consulate, Philippine Embassy, or the POLO.
  • Copy of the National Identification Card of the employer including their name, ID number, telephone number, email, and business address in case the employer cannot provide their business registration certificate.
  • A letter or sworn statement with a clear explanation of how the overseas employer hired the OFW.

For the additional requirements, you need to present proof that you are a Balik Manggagawa or returning OFW to the same job site or employer. It has to include important details such as company ID, certificate of employment, or latest payslip.

If you’re an OFW with current records in the POEA system and will be returning to the same overseas employer but in a new country, you need to submit a letter from your employer in order to confirm your job site transfer.

For OFWs without POEA registration records or who have changed their foreign employer, a sworn statement or affidavit is required to explain how the employer hired their Filipino migrant workers.

Video: OEC Appointment Registration Process Online

Check out this video which features the online appointment registration process for obtaining Overseas Employment Certificate via BM Online POPS-BaM. This video will guide you in completing the application form, provide tips on submitting your documents and help you understand what is required to be eligible for this certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can direct-hire OFWs obtain an OEC?

The OEC application for direct hires is different from the processing for those recruited by agencies. Therefore, it’s important to visit the nearest POLO or POEA office to inquire about the process.

2. If there are no available slots for the online appointment, do POLO or POEA offices accept walk-ins?

Yes, but you need to provide a valid reason. It may be due to the limited days you can stay in the Philippines and your departure date only allows less than 10 days before you leave. In this case, you need to show your valid visa or permit and other necessary documents. However, the priority still remains for those with online appointments.

3. What to do if I’m qualified for the exemption, but the POPS-BaM system is still asking me to set an OEC appointment online?

If you’re certain that you qualify for an OEC exemption, you need to update your BM Online records with the POPS-BaM system. It only takes up to 24 hours for the new system to sync your records from BM Online to POPS-BaM. If not, you have to manually sync your BM Online account with the new POPS-BaM system. You can contact the DMW HelpDesk to assist you in matching your POEA records.

4. How can I book an OEC appointment online if my BM Online account doesn’t work anymore?

Since the old BM Online system has been redesigned and replaced by the new POPS-BaM system, you should transfer your online records to use the new system in booking an appointment. Simply follow the guide to set an appointment online.

5. Do I need to book an appointment if my foreign employer’s business name, agency details, and contract information have been changed?

You first need to cancel your current OEC with invalid details before obtaining a new certificate. You can submit a ticket via the DMW HelpDesk so you can process this cancellation. Only then can you apply for your new OEC with updated details using the POPS-BaM website.


At this point, you should now know how to set an OEC appointment online for OFWs. If you have questions, check out this short guide or ask for assistance through any POLO or POEA branch near you. Make sure to bring all the necessary documents before your scheduled appointment in order to obtain a new OEC before leaving the Philippines to work abroad.

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