POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration)

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA is a pillar of hope for Filipinos seeking better opportunities abroad. With a clear purpose, the POEA strives to empower aspirations and ensure the safety and well-being of its workers.

POEA offers many benefits, programs, and services available for Filipino overseas workers looking for jobs abroad. It helps prepare and screen candidates for overseas employment gives them a chance to familiarize themselves with the prevailing rates of pay in the foreign countries they are applying to, and monitors their conditions while working abroad.

The agency also provides services to assist workers with particular needs such as gender-based assistance, labor welfare protection, financial aid for medical, or as well as repatriation in times of emergency. Additionally, POEA actively monitors the recruitment of Filipino workers and ensures that they are not being exposed to any kind of exploitation or abuse by employers.

poea philippine overseas employment administration

What is POEA?

The POEA is a governmental entity established in 1982 to oversee and regulate the recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers for overseas employment. It serves as the guardian of the rights and welfare of Filipino workers venturing into international job opportunities.

With a resolute commitment to safeguarding the aspirations of its citizens, the POEA sets forth stringent standards and guidelines to govern the entire process of overseas employment. This includes meticulously reviewing and approving job orders from foreign employers, licensing and monitoring recruitment agencies, and ensuring that workers are equipped with proper documentation and receive fair treatment abroad.

Moreover, the POEA extends its reach beyond administrative functions by providing essential services such as pre-employment orientation seminars, job matching assistance, and legal aid to safeguard the rights of overseas Filipino workers. By actively collaborating with various governmental and international bodies, the POEA combats illicit recruitment practices and human trafficking, solidifying its role as a solid protector of Filipino workers.

List of Benefits, Programs, and Services

There are several benefits that POEA provides to OFWs and the country as a whole. The following are some key benefits to take advantage of:

  • Protection of Filipino workers through safeguarding their rights and welfare while working abroad. It establishes and enforces standards and regulations to ensure fair treatment, proper documentation, and decent working conditions for OFWs. The agency also provides assistance and support in cases of abuse, exploitation, or contract violations.
  • Legal and ethical recruitment as the agency regulates and licenses recruitment agencies, ensuring that they operate within legal boundaries. By scrutinizing the practices of recruitment agencies, the POEA helps prevent illegal recruitment, human trafficking, and other forms of exploitation.
  • Job matching and opportunities by serving as a platform to connect Filipino workers with reputable foreign employers. It facilitates the processing and approval of job orders, providing Filipinos with a wide range of employment opportunities abroad.
  • Skills development and training as the POEA collaborates with various training institutions and government agencies to enhance the skills and competencies of Filipino workers. It offers pre-employment orientation seminars, skills enhancement programs, and specialized training to equip workers with the necessary knowledge and capabilities for overseas employment.
  • Remittances and economic contribution through OFWs. The POEA’s role in facilitating overseas employment directly impacts the flow of remittances, which serves as a crucial source of foreign exchange and fuels economic growth. Remittances also help improve the living conditions and financial well-being of OFWs and their families.

The POEA implements several programs to effectively carry out its mandate of promoting and regulating overseas employment. The main function is to ensure the protection of OFWs from any illegal recruiter. Some of the notable programs administered by this agency include:

Assist WELL Program

The partnership between POEA and DOLE led to the establishment of the Assist WELL Program. Acronymized as WELL (Welfare, Employment, Livelihood, and Legal), this program encompasses a range of reintegration programs and assistance.

Its primary objective is to aid individuals in rebuilding their lives, addressing the needs of repatriated employees, including job opportunities, legal support, livelihood assistance, and overall welfare.

The Welfare Assistance covers the following:

  • Transport assistance to OFW’s residence.
  • Temporary shelter or accommodation.
  • Stress debriefing.
  • Emergency medical assistance.
  • Airport assistance.

For Livelihood Assistance, it covers the:

Training for aspiring businessmen or entrepreneurs.

  • Livelihood skills training.
  • Business loan assistance.
  • Support and mentoring for business owners.

The Employment Assistance offers the following services:

  • Job placement or recommendation for either local or overseas employment.
  • Competency certification and evaluation for repatriated OFWs who want to qualify for their new employment.

When it comes to Legal Assistance, the POEA offers the following services to Filipino workers:

  • Legal consultation with a lawyer.
  • Help OFWs prepare and file complaints including recruitment violations, disciplinary action, and illegal recruiting.
  • Counseling during preliminary hearings and inquiries for criminal cases that involve illegal recruitment.
  • Conciliation proceedings to create a forum that will assist returning OFWs and their agencies to discuss any mutually beneficial agreements.

General Administration and Support Services

The POEA also undertakes general administration and support programs as part of its mandate. These encompass diverse functions, including computer support, human resource management, and financial management. Below are a few examples of the general administrative programs provided by the POEA:

  • Quality Management System.
  • Plans and Policy Development.
  • Financial Management.
  • Supplied and Property Management.
  • Information and Communication Technology.
  • Human Resources Development.

Worker’s Protection

The POEA takes a proactive stance in safeguarding the rights of Filipino workers employed overseas. Recognizing the significance of preparing applicants for their journey as OFWs, the agency conducts informative seminars to equip them with essential knowledge. Furthermore, to ensure the well-being of OFWs, the POEA operates a 24-hour hotline that serves as a lifeline during emergencies.

Through these initiatives, the POEA delivers a range of services aimed at protecting the welfare of OFWs:

  • Repatriation assistance.
  • Legal assistance including penalizing, prosecuting, and filing cases for illegal recruitment victims.
  • OFW global profiling and mapping.
  • Secure deployment to companies and countries that comply with the Amended Migrant Workers Act.

POEA Online Services

There are online services for Filipino workers to avail of so they can easily process POEA services without leaving their homes. The POEA Online Services Portal offers the following online services:

Balik Manggagawa Online Processing

OFWs can obtain their Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) online, eliminating the need for office visits. Returning OFWs may also qualify for OEC exemption, simplifying the process.

Adjudication Cases Monitor

The purpose of this service is to monitor previous cases through a certain case number. However, OFWs can track or check their case in order to see their progress.

Online Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar

The PEOS is a comprehensive session that equips applicants with essential information before their departure abroad. Attendance is mandatory as it is a requirement for obtaining the OEC. The PEOS consists of eight learning modules which will serve as the basis for the accompanying test. This convenient seminar aims to provide applicants with valuable knowledge from the comfort of their own homes.

Video: POEA E-Registration and PEOS Online Registration

In this video, you will get a full guide for POEA e-registration and pre-employment orientation seminar online. From the video introduction, you will learn some helpful tips on how to register with POEA through online registration. You will be guided when filling up and updating your account. Lastly, this tutorial will walk you through the PEOS training.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the primary role of the POEA?

The POEA is responsible for the regulation and promotion of overseas employment. They provide various services such as job matching, verification of job orders and recruitment agencies, issuance of OECs, and assistance in cases of labor exploitation or abuse.

2. How can I apply for a job overseas through the POEA?

You can browse their official website for available job vacancies. Once you find a suitable job, follow the application instructions provided, which may include submitting required documents and attending interviews or exams as necessary.

3. What are the requirement and documents needed for overseas employment?

The specific requirements and documents vary depending on the country and job position. However, common requirements include a valid passport, employment documents, medical certificate, training certifications, and other supporting documents requested by the employer or POEA.

4. How can I verify the authenticity of a recruitment agency or offer?

Check if the agency is licensed and accredited by the POEA. The POEA website provides a search function where you can verify the status of the agency. Additionally, you can contact the POEA directly to confirm the legitimacy of the job offer.

5. What are the rights and benefits of Overseas Filipino Workers under POEA regulations?

The POEA ensures the protection and welfare of OFWs. Their rights include fair treatment, just compensation, access to legal remedies, and the right to join unions or associations. OFWs are entitled to benefits such as health insurance, social security, repatriation assistance, and mandatory government contributions.


The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration stands as a crucial advocate for OFWs. Through its comprehensive programs and services, the agency ensures OFWs’ welfare, rights, and support. From informative seminars to online processes and dedicated hotlines, the POEA remains committed to empowering and protecting the interests of Filipino workers abroad.

Contact Information

Hotline: 8-722-11-44 / 8-722-11-55
Email: connect@poea.gov.ph
Website: www.poea.gov.ph
Facebook: facebook.com/poea.gov.ph
Address: Blas F. Ople Building Ortigas Avenue Corner EDSA

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