SSS (Social Security System) Philippines

Social Security System or SSS is a social program for Filipinos workers in private, professional, and informal sectors run by the Philippine government. It aims to provide protection to Filipino workers against various contingencies such as unemployment, disability, death, and retirement.

There are different ways to become a member of SSS. You can either be employed, self-employed, or apply as a voluntary member. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are considered part of voluntary members and is ideal for them to send their monthly contributions. If you have an employer, you are required to be a member of SSS and your employer must remit your contribution to SSS. Your SSS contribution consists of your employer’s share and the deduction from your salary. If you are self-employed or a voluntary member, your contribution depends on how much you are earning.

Being a member of SSS has a lot of advantages. It helps you save for your retirement, helps people who have disabilities, and provides aid for survivors, and funeral aids. You can also avail of loans, health care, and other services that this institution can provide.

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For First Time OFW Registrants

For Overseas Filipino Workers who do not have an SS number, you may visit and access the SS Number Online Issuance facility. After getting the SS number, check the required supporting documents and submit them to any SSS office.

For Existing OFW SSS Members

For Overseas Filipino Workers who are existing SSS members, there’s no need to get a new number. You can use your current SSS Number and pay your contribution as an “Overseas Worker”.

SSS Contribution for OFWs

All Filipino workers’ contribution is based on their Monthly Salary Credit (MSC). For OFs, the lowest MSC is Php 8,000 and the highest is Php 20,000. To compute your monthly contribution amount, you have to multiply the MSC with the prevailing SSS contribution rate (13 % as of writing). Therefore, the minimum monthly contribution is Php 1,040 with the maximum of Php 2,600.

For OFWs who want to pay from January to September, you have until the 31st of December of the same year and from October to December, you have until the 31st of January of the following year to pay for your SSS contribution. You may also check this file for reference: 

SSS Benefits

Social Security System provides replacement income in the event of the worker’s death, disability, sickness, maternity, paternity, unemployment, and old age. It provides long-term and short-term benefits to its member and their beneficiaries. The benefits you can avail depending on your amount of contribution and length of contribution service. They provide a lot of privileges from salary loans to housing loans that are exclusive to Overseas Filipino Workers. Here’s a list of programs and services that SSS offers to all Filipino workers.

  • Death Benefits. The beneficiaries of the deceased member can receive a cash payment in the form of a monthly pension or lump sum payment. The members’ beneficiaries can also receive a monthly death pension and a 13th-month pension every December. The amount they can receive depends on the members’ contribution. However, for those members with less than 10 credited years of service, they can get a minimum amount of PHP 1,000.
    • Conditions:
      • Death benefit is given if the deceased member has paid for at least 36 months before the semester in which they died and will only be given by the principal beneficiaries.
      • The principal beneficiaries are the spouse (if married), legitimated or legally adopted children, and illegitimate children.
      • If there’s no primary beneficiary, it will be given to the secondary beneficiaries such as dependent parents.
      • If the beneficiary is a minor, they will only receive 10% of the member’s contribution or Php 250, whichever is higher.
  • Disability Benefit. Whether partial or complete disability, the member who has been permanently disabled will receive a cash payment. For members who have less than 10 credit years of service, they will receive Php 1,000 and Php 2,400 if they have at least 20 credit years of service. There’s also Php 500 Supplemental Allowance for those qualified members.
    • Conditions:
      • The member will be eligible for the disability benefit if the member has paid his/her contribution at least one month before the semester of disability.
      • For the monthly pension, the member must pay at least 36 months of contribution to be qualified.
  • Funeral Benefits. The deceased member’s beneficiary will receive cash aid to pay the burial expenses. The amount they can receive depends on the member’s total contribution and credited years of service. It can vary from Php 20,000 to Php 40,000.
    • Conditions:
      • If the deceased member is employed, his/her employers should be informed.
      • For deceased members who are self-employed, Overseas Filipino Workers, or nonworking spouse, they must have paid at least a month prior to their death.
      • At least a month of contribution is needed for volunteer members.
  • Maternity Benefits. Female SSS members are entitled to an SSS maternity leave if they can’t go to work because of childbirth or miscarriage. For member who has a normal delivery, they are eligible for a 60-day paid maternity leave and 78 days for cesarean delivery. The member will receive her 100% average daily salary credit (ADSC) multiplied by 105 days for normal or cesarean delivery, 120 days for single parents, and 60 days for terminated pregnancy, stillbirth, and miscarriage. For employed members, their employers should pay their maternity benefits within 30 days of filling out the application for maternity leave. Their employers will then reimburse it to SSS.
    • Conditions:
      • The member must pay at least 3 months of contribution in the 12 months preceding the semester of the child’s birth or miscarriage.
      • For employed members, they must inform their employers and then their employers must inform the SSS about their pregnancy.
      • For self-employed and voluntary members, they must inform the SSS directly.
  • Paternity Leave Benefits. This benefit is given to fathers whose child was recently born. The male member is eligible for a seven-day paid leave but it only applies up to the first four deliveries. The paternity benefit is only a portion of the maternity benefits. The mother extends their benefits to the father, whether they are married or not. This benefit must file separately to the father’s employers.
    • Conditions:
      • The male member must be employed at the time of the child’s birth.
      • He must live with his wife at the time of the child’s birth or miscarriage.
      • In the event of the father’s absence or death, a 4th degree relative or the female member’s current partner may use the paternity leave.
  • Retirement Benefit. This benefit is given to members who are at least 60 years old or members who are unable to work due to old age. They can either receive a one-time payment of a monthly pension. For members who have at least 10 years of credited service, they can receive Php 1,200 and Php 2,400 for 20 years of credited service. They will also receive a Php 2,000 bonus and a 13th-month pension every December.
    • Conditions:
      • The member must pay 120 months of contribution prior to the semester of retirement, separated from his/her employers, and must be 65 years old (60 years old is an optional retirement).
      • If the member has paid less than 120 months of contribution, he/she will be given the option to continue paying the monthly contribution until the 120-month period is done. After the member reaches the 120-month period, he/she is eligible for a monthly pension. 
      • If the member has paid less than 120 months of contribution, he/she will only be eligible for a lump sum payment.
      • For members who work at a surface and underground mine, they can retire at the age of 50 (optional retirement) or 60 years old (technical retirement) and must have continued their service for at least five years.
      • For members who are professional racehorse jockey, they must be PHILRACOM-licensed, at least 55 years old, and has a 120-month contribution to SSS.
  • Sickness Benefits. This benefit is given to members who can’t work because of sickness or accident. The member can receive 90% of the average daily salary credit (ADSC) and is only available for a maximum of 120 days per calendar year.
    • Conditions:
      • The member must not be able to work for at least four days and must stay either in the hospital or at home.
      • The member must pay at least three months of contribution within the 12 months preceding the semester of sickness or accident.
      • The member must consume all the paid sick leave from the company.
      • Employed, self-employed, and Overseas Filipino workers must notify the SSS directly about his/her sickness benefit application.
  • Unemployment Benefit. This benefit is given to a member who was terminated from their job. This is financial aid from SSS to help the member look for a new job. The member can get 50% of his/her monthly pay. If the member paid the maximum premium contribution, he/she can get a maximum of Php 10,000.
    • Conditions:
      • The member must be terminated from his/her job due to retrenchment, redundancy, labor-saving device installation, business closure, and discontinuation of operations.
      • If the member resigned or gone on leave without permission (AWOL), he or she is not eligible for this benefit.
  • Business Development Loan. This benefit aims to help business owners expand, diversify, and grow their businesses.
  • Education Assistance Loan Program. This benefit is given to members or their dependents to help them with the cost of their tuition fees in college or vocational and technical courses.
  • Employees’ Compensation (EC) Program. This benefit is given to SSS employee members who had illnesses or accidents within or outside their work. They are entitled to medical assistance, rehabilitation, and/or cash assistance.
    • Conditions:
      • SSS employees must inform the SSS directly to apply for the Employees’ Compensation.
      • The illness, accident, or cause of death of the employee must be work-related.
      • The employee will not be eligible for this program if he/she is intoxicated, attempted suicide, or gross negligence.
  • Flexi Fund. This is an optional saving program available to those under 60 years old overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). This is a low-risk, stable fixed-income provident fund whose earnings are determined by SSS short-term placement or 91-day Treasury bills, which is higher.
  • Housing Loan. this program provides funds for buying, improving, or refurbishing the member’s home through an SSS-accredited participating financial institution (PFI) lending program.
  • PESO Fund (Personal Equity Savings Option). This is another optional saving program for SSS members in addition to their standard membership retirement benefits or permanent disability.
  • Salary Loan. All currently employed, self-employed, and voluntary members are eligible for a salary loan in SSS. This loan has an annual interest of 10% until it is paid off. If the member paid half of the entire loan, he/she can renew another salary loan.
    • Conditions:
      • To get a one-month worth of salary loan, the member must pay at least 36 months of contribution and 6 months of contribution in the previous 12 months before applying for a loan.
      • To get a two-month worth of salary loan, the member must pay at least 72 months of contribution in the month prior to the loan application.

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The Social Security System or SSS was created to protect Filipino workers’ hard-earned money and against life’s uncertainties. This agency ensures the members’ and their beneficiaries’ financial well-being while working, in retirement, and even in death. 

Being a member of SSS will give you the assurance that you and your family will be taken care of once you got sick, lost your job, or any unforeseen event that will force youto stop working. Life is full of uncertainties but only by being prepared will give you peace of mind for the future.

To know more about the SSS, visit their website at or watch their Youtube channel

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