OWWA Tulong PUSO: Benefits and How to Apply

There are various financial assistance and livelihood programs that the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration offers to Overseas Filipino Workers across the globe. One of these OWWA programs is the Tulong PUSO for OFWs, which is a joint project between the Department of Labor and Employment and OWWA.

Under this program, DOLE and OWWA aim to help displaced or distressed OFWs planning to return to the Philippines and start their own business or livelihood venture. It’s focused on supporting and promoting OFW organizations or groups. If you want to avail of the OWWA Tulong PUSO, you need to consider the minimum qualifications, requirements, and application process to become eligible.

owwa tulong puso

What is OWWA Tulong PUSO

The OWWA Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa Pag-unlad ng Samahang OFWs Program or Tulong PUSO is financial assistance granted to support returning OFWs in forming their own organizations or groups in order to build a business or venture in livelihood activities. This one-time financial grant is available for eligible OFWs and can provide up to Php 1 million in funds for their chosen business.

Moreover, Tulong PUSO Program also provides complete training for qualified applicants in order to make sure they succeed in their ventures. The assistance may come in different forms such as equipment, raw materials, tools, and other resources. The goals include starting up or forming, enhancing, expanding, and restoring livelihood projects for OFWs.

Benefits of OWWA Tulong PUSO

The OWWA Tulong PUSO is implemented through the Capital Fund with an allocation of Php 515,000,000 including the Php 15,000,000 administrative cost for accounting and auditing laws, implementation, and regulations. Generally, the benefits of this program include a one-time financial grant, complete training, and preparation for OFWs to ensure successful business ventures.


Before applying for the OWWA Tulong PUSO, make sure you meet the qualifications in order to become an eligible applicant. Qualified beneficiaries must meet the following:

  • Distressed OFW who is planning to go back to the Philippines for good.
  • Belongs to an OFW organization or group that is registered with SEC, CDA, and DOLE with at least five members. Regional and provincial chapters must have local registrations.
  • The OFW organization or group must consist of 80% active or inactive OWWA members, and 20% other members including undocumented OFWs and family members.
  • Each member must understand the business proposal to be presented.
  • Since this is a one-time financial grant, previous beneficiaries of the OWWA Tulong PUSO will no longer be honored.

To process your Tulong PUSO application, you need to complete the following documentary requirements in order to receive the financial grant:

  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Business Permit
  • Beneficiary Prole
  • Business proposal indicating the proponents have at least 20% equity equivalent of the total project cost
  • Proof of registration with CDA, SEC, and DOLE
  • Entrepreneurial Development certificate for the formation or start-up of the livelihood project
  • Certification issued by the Regional Welfare Office Director which indicates the applicant is a member of an OFW organization duly recognized by OWWA
  • Board resolution which designates a business manager who will manage the filing and application for the OFW organization

How to Apply: Procedure

You can download the OWWA Tulong PUSO application form via this link: https://tulongpuso.owwa.gov.ph/. Make sure to complete all the required information before submitting the form online. Here’s a step-by-step process when applying for the Tulong PUSO financial grant:

Step 1: Form a group or organization with at least five members, 80% should be OWWA members. Register the organization with CDA, SEC, and DOLE. Submit all requirements to your local RWO or OWWA office.

Step 2: Attend the pre-orientation and pre-social preparation webinar with other members.

Step 3: Evaluation of the business proposal by the RWO to ensure the project is eligible and feasible.

Step 4: Assessment of the business proposal and site inspection for groups with at least five members, and other inspections to ensure the project is workable.

Step 5: Evaluation of the proposal by the Regional Review Committee to see if it passes the standard or criterion.

Step 6: If approved, the financial grant will be awarded to the OFW organization or group.

Step 7: OWWA will regularly monitor and evaluate the project to make sure it will succeed.

Video: Tulong PUSO Libreng Livelihood Assistance Mula sa DOLE-OWWA

In this video, you will see how to apply for the OWWA Tulong PUSO financial grant for distressed OFWs who want to go back to the country and stay for good. It also includes other important information such as qualifications, requirements, and conditions for eligible applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply if I’m solo or don’t have an OFW group or organization?

No, you’re not eligible to apply if you don’t have an OFW group with a minimum of five members.

2. Can non-OWWA members apply for Tulong PUSO?

You can apply as long as you’re part of an OFW organization, such as a family member of an OFW or an undocumented OFW.

3. Is Tulong PUSO a loan that should be paid within a specific period?

The OWWA Tulong PUSO is a one-time financial grant, hence you don’t need to repay it.

4. How much will an OFW group receive from the OWWA Tulong PUSO?

It depends on the group category that the OFW organization belongs to. Micro-sized OFW organizations can get up to Php 150,000, while the large-sized OFW group may receive up to Php 1,000,000 in financial grants.

5. Who is eligible for Tulong PUSO?

OFWs who want to return to the Philippines and stay for good while starting their own business or livelihood project.


By reading this simple guide to the OWWA Tulong PUSO application, you can enjoy the benefits of the program for returning OFWs who want to stay in the Philippines for good. All you need is to form a group and prepare a business proposal that OWWA and DOLE will approve.

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