MWO Washington DC: Migrant Workers Office USA

The Migrant Workers Office (MWO) in Washington DC, USA, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of essential services to Filipino workers in the country. These services include free legal assistance, repatriation support, pre-departure orientation seminars, and labor inspections, all aimed at safeguarding the rights and welfare of Filipinos employed in the United States. The office also serves as a central point for addressing the challenges encountered by Filipinos working overseas.

Formerly known as the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), the MWO was rebranded following the establishment of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) in the Philippines under PH Republic Act No. 11641. Consequently, POLO Washington DC is now referred to as MWO-Washington DC.

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Filipinos in the USA

There are about 3 million Filipinos in the USA. A majority of these Filipino migrants are employed as professionals in a broad range of occupations, including IT, healthcare, education, engineering, and hospitality sectors. According to the 2019 American Community Survey from the US Census Bureau, there were over 74 thousand Filipino nurses living in the USA, making up 21% of all registered nurses in the country.

These OFWs need to be protected from potential exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking. The MWO is a crucial point of contact for Filipino workers in the US for seeking assistance on various issues they encounter.

Services Available at MWO Office in Washington DC

MWO Washington DC offers a wide array of services, including psychological counseling for Filipinos who require assistance in managing stress or adapting to life in a foreign country. In addition, the office provides legal advice on matters such as visa applications and rights protection for those who may face abuse or exploitation in the workplace.

  • Repatriation support for distressed Filipinos who want to return home
  • Pre-departure orientation seminars to equip Filipino workers abroad with information on their rights, obligations, and cultural adjustments when working abroad
  • Contract Verification for New Contracts
  • OWWA Membership Renewal
  • OEC Certificate Issuance
  • Free legal assistance and representation for workers in cases against employers with respect to labor issues
  • Labor inspections to ensure compliance with Philippine labor laws
  • Psychological counseling services for Filipinos dealing with stress or adjusting to life in a foreign country

Advocacy and Cooperation with Relevant Government Authorities

The MWO is committed to championing the rights of Filipino workers and actively participates in regular discussions with pertinent government authorities to guarantee that employment laws are effectively enforced and any concerns raised by OFWs are addressed promptly.

MWO Washington DC collaborates with numerous government agencies, local employers, and unions to uphold proper employment standards in accordance with US law. The office simplifies the registration process for Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) membership, which grants insurance, financial, and medical benefits to OFWs. MWO also works alongside the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to ensure that employment contracts comply with US labor laws and regulations.

By providing legal, medical, and financial support, as well as repatriation services, the Migrant Workers Office in Washington DC contributes to the protection of OFWs’ rights and well-being. It offers a comprehensive support system tailored to various needs, reinforcing the ties between the Philippines and the United States.

Video: POLO MWO in Washington DC

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MWO Washington DC offers a wide range of services, such as legal advice, psychological counseling, and repatriation support for distressed Filipinos who want to return home. The office also works with various government agencies, local employers, and unions to uphold employment standards in accordance with US labor laws.

Through its varied services, MWO Washington DC helps strengthen the connection between the Philippines and the United States by offering a comprehensive support system tailored to the needs of OFWs.

Contact Information

MWO Office Washington DC, USA
Address: 1600 Massachusetts Ave, N.W. Washington DC 20036
Telephone Number: +1 202-467-9426

Google Map Location

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