MWO Oman: Migrant Workers Office in Muscat, Oman

The Migrant Workers Office (MWO) in Oman is a critical institution that offers an array of services and support to Filipino workers residing in the country. This article will explore the various forms of assistance provided by the MWO and its importance in the lives of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Oman.

Before MWO, the previous name of this office was POLO or Philippine Overseas Labor Office. But since the creation of the new Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), the name was changed to MWO or Migrant Workers Office.

The primary goal of MWO is to provide assistance, support, and guidance to Filipino workers in Oman. This includes providing pre-employment orientation seminars (PEOS), monitoring the recruitment process of OFWs, ensuring that contractual obligations are being met by employers, providing legal advice and representation for labor disputes.

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Filipinos in Oman

Oman has become an appealing destination for Filipino workers seeking better opportunities which has around 47,000 Pinoys. Filipinos in Oman contribute significantly to various sectors such as healthcare, oil and gas, construction, and hospitality. The MWO plays a crucial role in ensuring these workers have the necessary support and protection while they contribute to both the Omani and Philippine economies.

MWO’s Role in Assisting Filipino Workers

Housed within the Philippine Embassy in Muscat, the MWO acts as a safe haven for Filipino workers who may be encountering challenges and difficulties while living and working in a foreign land. From offering legal aid to facilitating memberships with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), the MWO is a potent source of support for Filipinos in Oman.

Legal Assistance

A primary service offered by the MWO is legal assistance. They provide advice and guidance to Filipino workers dealing with legal issues related to their employment. The MWO works closely with Omani legal entities to ensure that the rights of Filipino workers are respected and protected.

Psychological Counseling and Protection

Living away from one’s homeland can be emotionally taxing. Recognizing this, the MWO offers psychological counseling services to Filipino workers. They also provide protection services for workers who may be facing abuse or exploitation.

Facilitating OWWA Membership

The MWO assists Filipino workers in becoming members of the OWWA, a Philippine government agency committed to protecting and promoting the welfare of OFWs.

Issuing Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC)

The MWO also oversees the issuance of the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), a mandatory requirement for OFWs before they can start work abroad. This certificate validates that the OFW is officially documented and protected.

Labor Inspections

To uphold the rights of Filipino workers and verify they are working under fair conditions, the MWO carries out labor inspections. These inspections help identify any instances of exploitation, enabling the MWO to promptly take action against culpable employers.

Contract Verification

The MWO helps validate that employment contracts align with the standards set by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). They scrutinize the contract details to protect the rights and interests of Filipino workers.

Repatriation Support

In challenging situations where Filipino workers need to return home, the MWO extends its repatriation support. They liaise with relevant agencies to ensure a smooth journey for the workers back to the Philippines.

Pre-departure Orientation Seminars

Knowledge is indeed power, particularly for those venturing into a foreign country for employment. The MWO conducts pre-departure orientation seminars to equip Filipino workers with essential information about living and working in Oman.

Advocacy and Upholding Rights

The MWO goes beyond providing immediate aid to Filipino workers. It consistently engages in dialogue with relevant Omani government bodies to enforce work conditions and address workers’ concerns. This proactive engagement ensures the rights of Filipino workers are always prioritized.

The Migrant Workers Office (MWO) in Oman helps provide Filipino workers with the necessary support, guidance, and protection while they work overseas. From providing legal advice to facilitating memberships with OWWA, the MWO is a crucial institution for Filipinos living and working in Oman. Its presence ensures that Filipino workers have access to quality assistance during their stay abroad.

Comprehensive Assistance and Support Services

In addition to the services outlined above, the MWO provides a variety of other support services. These include dispute resolution assistance, emergency financial aid, and medical support in collaboration with healthcare institutions.

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Accessing MWO Services

Filipino workers can avail themselves of MWO services by visiting the office at the Philippine Embassy in Muscat, registering online via the embassy’s website, or calling the MWO hotline. The MWO team is always ready to lend a listening ear and extend their assistance.

Video: Renewing OWWA Membership at MWO Office in Muscat and PH Embassy Oman

Here’s a video guide on how to renew OWWA membership at MWO office in Muscat and the Philippine Embassy in Oman.

Remember that renewing your OWWA membership is necessary for OFWs in Oman to ensure that they are eligible for the various benefits and services offered by the agency.


The MWO in Oman plays an important role in ensuring the welfare of Filipinos in the country. It symbolizes the Philippines’ commitment to safeguarding its citizens, regardless of their location. By providing legal, medical, financial, and moral support, as well as acting as a liaison with Omani authorities, the MWO strengthens the bond between the two nations and aids Filipinos in achieving success on Omani soil.

The Philippine Embassy in Muscat, through the MWO, continues to act as a beacon of hope and a source of unwavering support for Filipinos in Oman. It embodies the resilient spirit of ‘Bayanihan’, the Filipino ethos of communal unity, work, and cooperation, even amidst distance from home.

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