PDOS: Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar for OFWs

Working abroad but don’t know how to apply for PDOS training? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Thousands of OFWs leave the country every year to work, study, visit, or immigrate. Generally, you need to meet all the requirements and qualifications of the local and international governments where you are headed to. And that includes attending the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar.

This mandatory one-day event holds immense value for workers, particularly those embarking on their first overseas employment journey. This comprehensive program comprises seven distinct courses specifically designed to cater to the needs of Filipino workers about to commence their work abroad.

Participating in the PDOS equips these individuals with invaluable knowledge and skills essential for a successful transition into their new work environment.

Understanding how to attend this seminar is important so you can come prepared and know what to expect. Whether you’re an immigrant or a temporary foreign worker leaving the country, you are required to get an exit clearance. And that is why you should make attendance in this mandatory seminar as PDOS is one of the requirements for OFWs going abroad.

pdos seminar pre departure orientation seminar for ofws

​What is PDOS?

The OWWA Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar is an important event for Filipinos venturing into employment opportunities overseas. This seminar acts as a pivotal resource, offering exclusive insights and tailored guidance to ensure an easier journey abroad.

The comprehensive program encompasses diverse topics, including in-depth discussions on immigration regulations, and labor laws, expert advice on efficient packing and shipment of personal belongings, strategies for seamless financial planning, and cultural adjustment.

Participants gain a distinctive advantage through this one-of-a-kind seminar, equipping them with the necessary tools for a successful overseas employment experience.

The PDOS organized by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas is held at the OWWA headquarters located in Pasay City. Additionally, to cater to the diverse needs of attendees, the seminar is also accessible online through the official OWWA website.

Attendance to the PDOS is obligatory for all OWWA members, encompassing Filipino workers employed by foreign companies, individuals working for international organizations within the Philippines, and OFWs returning to their homeland after spending considerable time abroad.

Since 1993, the Philippines has been actively delivering PDOS training to OFWs. These seminars are integral components of the Pre-Departure Programs, designed to equip Filipino workers abroad with customized and pertinent knowledge, enabling them to adapt to their new work environment and familiarize themselves with the distinct culture of their destination country.

​Requirements for PDOS Training

  • Original and valid VISA.
  • Original copy of passport with at least 6 months validity before the departure date.
  • One valid ID issued by the government including OFW ID, Consular ID, Driver’s License, and GSIS E-Card.
  • Country-specific documents like PDOS attendance certificate, Visa Grant Notification Letter, Employment Contract, and duly completed registration form.

Your passport will be posted with a CFO sticker once you have finished the Peer Counseling Program or PDOS. Before you leave the country, Bureau of Immigration and Deportation officials will check your CFO sticker.

​How to Attend the PDOS Seminar?

Now, how do you apply for this mandatory seminar? There are simple steps to take so you can get your certification before you leave and work abroad. Here are the following steps you need to follow:

1. Go to the official website, https://cfo.gov.ph, and select PDOS. The cut-off period for online registration for emigrants is Monday to Thursday, from 7 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

2. Make sure you memorize your visa hype or category classification, country of destination, and relationship to the petitioner.

3. Enter your active email address and then tap the Submit button.

4. The CFO Manila will email you. To continue, click Confirm Email.

5. Provide your personal details such as First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Civil Status, Sex, and Date of Birth.

6. After completing the fill-up form section, continue to your PDOS schedule. This will provide you with your country-specific schedule information including hour, day, and available slots.

If no slots are available, the dates are indicated in blue. Choose another date from the available slots. Once you’ve selected a date, tap the Proceed to Registration button and then choose your preferred session time.

​What to Learn From Attending PDOS

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time OFW or have been to different countries several times already, there’s always a new topic to talk about in this seminar. If you want to learn more, here are some of the most common topics that PDOS cover:

  • Responsibilities and rights of new immigrants and temporary foreign workers.
  • Expectations during arrival, finding a house, and ending kids to school.
  • Tips on handling money while abroad.
  • Asking for assistance from any Philippine Government officials in the area.

The PDOS seminar is actually provided by individuals who have firsthand experience working abroad. Therefore, they can share real-life stories and experiences from which you can learn so much as an OFW.

​Important Things to Keep in Mind

There are some important reminders you should keep in mind when registering for PDOS. Here they are:

  • If you want to register as an individual or process requirements as a first-timer, click the Individual/First-Time Registration and then tap the Register button.
  • If you want to register as a family or with more people, click the Family Registration, then choose Register Family Member.
  • If you completed the New Barcoded Confirmation Form, go to View Registration Form Online and Print New Barcoded Confirmation Form.
  • Make sure you have the 8-digit reference number for PDOS scheduling and Family Registration.

​Video: PDOS Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar for OFW

In this video, you will learn some of the most helpful tips when attending the PDOS training program before leaving the country. This will guide you on what to expect from your overseas employment journey and how you can take advantage of working abroad. In addition, the video shows the best way to apply for PDOS as a new OFW. It’s important that you follow these steps in order to expedite the process.

​Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of PDOS for OFWs?

The main purpose of the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar for Overseas Filipino Workers is to provide them with all the essential information, guidance, and preparation in order to help them navigate their work experience abroad successfully.

2. How long is the PDOS session for OFWs?

The duration of the PDOS session for OFWs typically ranges from a few hours to a full day, depending on the specific program and content covered. It also depends on the destination of OFWs as countries have different rules and requirements.

3. What are the key topics covered during the PDOS program?

The PDOS program covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to overseas employment regulations, cultural adaptation, labor rights, financial management, health and safety, and personal well-being.

4. Are there any specific requirements or documents needed to attend the PDOS as an OFW?

Generally, OFWs are required to provide their identification documents such as a valid passport, work visa, and proof of employment or job contract to attend the PDOS. Specific requirements may vary depending on the country and organization conducting the seminar.

5. Can OFWs who have already worked overseas in the past also benefit from attending PDOS?

Yes, even OFWs with prior work experience abroad can benefit from attending PDOS. The seminar may provide them with updated information on current policies, regulations, and best practices, as well as serve refresher on important aspects of overseas employment and cultural adjustment.


The Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar organized by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration serves as a vital preparatory program for Filipino workers who want to work overseas. The primary objective of this seminar is to equip OFWs with comprehensive knowledge regarding their rights and responsibilities, as well as the various processes and procedures they will encounter during their employment abroad.

Attending this seminar is highly recommended for OFWs as it ensures they are adequately prepared for deployment. The PDOS sessions are conducted in multiple locations across the Philippines, allowing interested workers to conveniently attend the seminar close to their place of residence.

For domestic workers planning to work overseas, participation in the PDOS program is mandatory before they are granted permission to leave the country. Through the PDOS, OWWA delivers relevant and custom information to assist OFWs in adapting to their new workplace and understanding the unique culture of the country they are destined to.

​Contact Information

For immigrants, they may contact the Commission on Filipinos Overseas located in Citigold Center, 1345 Pres. Quirino Ave., Manila, Philippines

Phone Number: (02) 8552-4700 or 8552-4700
Email Address: info@cfo.gov.ph
Official Website: https://cfo.gov.ph

For temporary foreign workers, they may visit the Department of Migrant Workers in Blas F. Ople Bldg, Ortigas Ave. Corner Epifanio de los Santos Ave., Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Phone Number: 722-1144 or 722-1155
Email Address: connect@dmw.gov.ph or feedback@dmw.gov.ph
Official Website: dmw.gov.ph
Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/dmw.gov.ph

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