MWO London, UK: Migrant Workers Office United Kingdom

The Migrant Workers Office (MWO) in London, United Kingdom, serves as a support system for Filipino workers residing and working in the country. This office is committed to ensuring the welfare, protection, and rights of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the UK.

Filipinos in the United Kingdom are members of a growing community, and the MWO seeks to support these individuals. The mission of the office is to ensure that all Filipino workers have access to education, health care, employment opportunities, legal assistance, and other important resources.

The MWO used to be called POLO and got renamed after the Department of Migrant Workers was created in the Philippines. The goal was to improve the services offered to Filipino workers abroad, including those in the UK. The name change demonstrates the Philippines’ dedication to giving all its citizens working overseas the best possible assistance.

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Filipinos in the UK

The population of Filipinos in the United Kingdom is estimated to be over 200,000 and growing. This population consists of both long-term residents and short-term employees working as nurses, overseas domestic workers, professionals, entertainers, and many more.

In order for these individuals to effectively live out their lives in the UK, they must have access to a range of resources that can provide them with support services that will enable them to better integrate into society and fully participate in all aspects of life.

Services Offered by the MWO in London

The Migrant Workers Office provides a variety of services for Filipino workers in London. These include:

Repatriation Support

The MWO assists Filipino workers who need to return to the Philippines due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, such as the loss of employment, illness, or family emergencies. The office coordinates with relevant agencies to facilitate repatriation and offer guidance on the necessary steps and documentation required.

Contract Verification

The MWO ensures that employment contracts are fair and compliant with local labor laws and Philippine regulations. It verifies the contract terms of employment to protect Filipino workers from unlawful practices and exploitation.

OWWA Membership Renewal

The MWO facilitates the renewal of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) membership for Filipino workers in the UK. OWWA membership provides OFWs access to various welfare programs and services, such as insurance coverage, scholarships, and financial assistance.

OEC Certificate Issuance

The MWO issues Overseas Employment Certificates (OECs), which are required for OFWs to work abroad and serve as exit clearances. The OEC also exempts OFWs from paying travel taxes and terminal fees at the airport.

Psychological Counseling

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by OFWs, the MWO provides mental health support to Filipino workers experiencing difficulties while living and working in the UK. This includes access to professional counseling services and referral to appropriate mental health resources when necessary.

Legal Advice and Assistance

The MWO offers guidance on legal matters related to employment, immigration, and other issues relevant to OFWs in the UK. This includes providing information on workers’ rights, assisting with dispute resolution, and referring workers to legal professionals when required.

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Collaboration with Government Agencies, Local Employers, and Unions

The MWO works closely with various government agencies, local employers, and unions to ensure that employment standards are upheld and the rights of Filipino workers are protected. This collaboration helps create a safe and secure working environment for OFWs in the UK.

Fostering Positive Relations between the Philippines and the United Kingdom

By offering support and services to Filipino workers, the MWO fosters a positive relationship between the Philippines and the United Kingdom. It promotes cultural exchange, understanding, and cooperation between the two nations, contributing to stronger ties and mutual benefits.

Video: MWO OEC Application Process in London

Here’s a video guide where a Filipino gives a tutorial about the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) application process in London.


The Migrant Workers Office in London, United Kingdom, is a vital resource for Filipino workers who are either permanently residing or temporarily employed in the country. The office provides OFWs with access to education, health care, employment opportunities, legal assistance, and other important resources that enable them to fully participate in all aspects of life in the UK. With its comprehensive services and dedicated staff, the MWO continues to work hard towards improving the lives of Filipinos living and working abroad.

For more information or assistance, Filipino workers in the UK can reach out to the Migrant Workers Office in London using the contact details provided on their website or social media channels. The MWO is committed to addressing the concerns of OFWs and ensuring their well-being while working in the UK.

Contact Information

MWO London United Kingdom Office
Address: 6-11 Suffolk St., London, United Kingdom
Telephone Number: +44 20 7839 8078

Google Map Location

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