OWWA Death and Burial Social Benefit: How to Claim

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration provides death and burial benefits for the surviving families of deceased Overseas Filipino Workers in the Philippines. To get the maximum burial benefits, it’s essential that OFWs keep an active OWWA membership in case something happens to them. OFWs who are OWWA members are entitled to the benefits and services offered under their employment contract and the laws of their host country.

Members who died of natural cause are entitled to get Php 100,000 for their employment contract, while members with accidental death will receive Php 200,000 to be claimed by their eligible beneficiaries. In addition, family members will also receive Php 20,000 burial cash assistance for the OWWA member’s death.

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What Is the OWWA Death and Burial Benefit?

The OWWA Death and Burial Benefit is financial aid for active OWWA members’ families in the event the OFW dies during their employment contract abroad. The amount to be received by the surviving family will depend on the cause of death of the OFW. One crucial factor to consider in order to avail of this social benefit is to maintain an active OWWA membership for Filipino migrant workers.

Benefits of Death and Burial

When it comes to the benefits of the OWWA Death and Burial Benefit, eligible beneficiaries can get up to Php 200,000 cash assistance plus an additional Php 20,000 for burial expenses. Whether the OFW dies of natural or accidental causes, his family is entitled to receive all these benefits in order to provide decent funeral services.

Requirements for OWWA Death and Burial Claim

Before you consider preparing the requirements of your death and burial claim, make sure to meet the qualifications first. The main qualifications for the OWWA Death and Burial Benefit include active OWWA membership, land-based or sea-based OFW, and death of natural or accidental cause. Here are the requirements when applying for the OWWA Death and Burial Benefit:

  • Duly accomplished OWWA Death and Burial Benefit Application Form
  • Death Certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority or Local Civil Registrar
  • Burial Permit
  • Accident report
  • Death Certificate which includes Airway Bill, No Objection Certificate, or Consular Mortuary Certificate, for deceased OFWs abroad
  • One photo ID and two valid IDs of the claimant
  • Official Receipt of funeral expenses
  • CENOMAR issued by the PSA for OFW
  • LCR or PSA-approved documents including Marriage Certificate for the spouse applicant, Birth Certificate of the OFW for the parent claimant, Birth Certificate of the child claimant, and Death Certificate of the deceased parent OFW
  • If a Birth Certificate isn’t available, other documents can be submitted such as a Marriage or Baptism Certificate issued by the Parish Office, certification from LCR ensuring that the birth or marriage is not yet registered with the Local Civil Registry, and Affidavits of unrelated persons stating the information of the marriage or birth of claimant and his relation to the departed OFW
  • Affidavit of Undertaking from the claimant, or police report in case the cause of death is an accident

How to Claim Death and Burial Benefits

The following are the steps to follow when applying for OWWA Death and Burial Claim:

Step 1: Secure and complete the application form which is available at the OWWA or POLO office.

Step 2: Prepare the required documents.

Step 3: Submit the requirements to the OWWA office.

Step 4: Wait until OWWA contacts you to approve your application for the Death and Burial Claim.

Once your application has been approved, you need to secure another set of requirements in order for the cash aid to be released. The releasing requirements include two original and valid copies of your passport, and driver’s license. Office ID, postal ID, Senior Citizenship ID, and NBI clearance.

Video: OWWA Requirements for Death Benefits

In this video, you will find out how to claim the OWWA Death Benefits by submitting all the requirements and other necessary documents for the release of cash assistance for deceased OFW’s eligible beneficiaries. It also includes some helpful tips to ensure you can benefit from the OWWA Death and Burial Claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if my OWWA Death and Burial application is approved?

If your application for OWWA Death and Burial Claim is approved, you will get an email, text, or call from OWWA or the DOLE Regional Office near you.

2. How much is the cash aid for OWWA Death and Burial Benefits?

For natural death, beneficiaries will get Php 100,000, while accidental death benefit is worth Php 200,000 with an additional Php 20,000 for the funeral expenses.

3. How can I claim the death and burial benefit of my father or mother who is an OFW?

Provide an Affidavit of Undertaking or police report in case the cause of death is an accident, a Death Certificate from PSA, and a Death Certificate with a Consular Mortuary Certificate and Airway Bill for Filipino migrant workers who died abroad.

4. What are the releasing requirements to claim the Death and Burial cash assistance?

The releasing requirements to claim the Death and Burial cash assistance include a valid passport, office ID, driver’s license, postal ID, senior citizenship ID, and NBI Clearance.

5. Can the children of deceased OFWs claim burial cash assistance from OWWA?

Yes, eligible children of OFWs who died during their employment contract are entitled to claim the death and burial benefit from OWWA. The requirements are the Death Certificate of the deceased parent and their Birth Certificate.


Now that you know about the qualifications, requirements, and steps when applying for a Death and Burial Claim, it’s easier to process your application with the nearest OWWA or POLO Office in your area. However, the most important thing to keep in mind before claiming the OWWA death and burial benefit is that active OWWA membership is in place at the time of the OFW’s sudden death.

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