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The OFW Information Sheet or OWWA Membership Form is an important document that Overseas Filipino Workers need to accomplish when submitting their OWWA member applications. The information to be filled out include work details, personal information, and a list of beneficiaries. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration stresses the importance of the OFW/OWWA Information Sheet and how to download it online.

As an OFW, you need to undergo a lot of processes in order to be documented and get protected from illegal recruiters. When you are legally recognized as a Filipino migrant worker by the Philippine government, you can enjoy all the benefits available for OFWs. So now, one of the most important requirements you need to prepare is the OWWA Membership Form.

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Why You Need to Fill Out the OFW Information Sheet

First of all, OFWs have the obligation to complete all requirements as per OWWA guidelines and policies. Complying with these regulations will help you take advantage of protection and assistance while working abroad. Of course, working undocumented in other countries comes with grave repercussions.

Moreover, you will automatically become entitled to all the benefits that DOLE, OWWA, POEA, and other government agencies offer to OFWs. If you haven’t submitted your OFW Information Sheet, it’s best to download it now online and complete all the details. Securing an OWWA membership is helpful in your future endeavors as a Filipino migrant worker.

What Is the OWWA Membership Form for OFWs?

The OWWA Membership Form is an OFW information sheet that should be completed when applying for membership or renewing OWWA membership. This application form is required to keep your OWWA status active. Whether you’re planning to become an OFW or already working abroad, you need to accomplish this form.

With this information sheet, OWWA can promote and protect OFWs as well as the welfare of their families back in the Philippines. To enjoy these services, you have to become an OWWA member and provide all the requirements needed.

Requirements to Become an OWWA Member

Applying for an OWWA membership involves meeting certain requirements and qualifications. You have to be of legal age, employed as a first-time applicant, with expired OWWA membership and needs renewal, have valid residency abroad, or don’t have POEA documentation upon departure but were hired for overseas employment.

The following are the requirements you need when applying to become an OWWA member:

  • Duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet.
  • Job contract or any equivalent proof of overseas employment.
  • Photocopy of valid passport with personal information and photo.

Important Details That OFWs Should Provide

So you’ve been wondering what essential information you need to provide in the OFW Information Sheet. Let’s talk about each personal data included in the form:

Personal Information. In this section, you will need to provide your complete name, Philippine address, passport number, email address, and valid contact number. Other details include civil status, gender, birth date, educational attainment, and college course.

Employment Details. This part includes the employer’s name or company, job site or country, telephone number, and work address. Your contract details should also include agency, contract duration, monthly salary and currency, and job position.

Beneficiary Information. In your beneficiaries, the list includes dependents and their full name, contact number, birth date, relationship to you, and email address. These are basically your immediate family such as your spouse and children.

Make sure to provide all the details mentioned above with correctness and accuracy. Your OFW Information Sheet or OWWA Membership Form will be your official records with POEA and OWWA.

How to Download a PDF Copy of the OWWA Membership Form Online

Now, you’re ready to get a copy of the OFW Information Sheet using your computer or mobile device. To download the OFW Information Sheet, just go to this link: https://owwa.gov.ph/images/downloads/OWWA-OFW-INFORMATION-SHEET.pdf. Get a copy and print it so you can fill it out before you process your application with OWWA or POEA.

owwa ofw information sheet membership form

Video: How to Fill Up Information Sheet & Renewal Form

In this video, you will find a step-by-step process for filling up the OFW Information Sheet. There are also helpful tips for renewing your OWWA membership in order to continue enjoying the benefits and services of OWWA or POEA. Watch until the end to get all the information you need to get the form and process your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to get the OWWA Membership Form?

Zero, you don’t need to pay anything when obtaining the OFW Information Sheet. However, renewing members or first-time applicants need to pay the USD25 membership fee.

2. Can I download the OFW Information Sheet PDF online?

Yes, you just need to visit the official OWWA website and click on the OWWA-OFW Information Sheet and download it in a PDF file. You may visit this link to get the exact PDF form https://owwa.gov.ph/images/downloads/OWWA-OFW-INFORMATION-SHEET.pdf

3. Where can I renew my membership with OWWA?

OWWA membership renewal can be done at any OWWA office or branch in the province for those in the Philippines. For OFWs abroad, they can visit the POLO-OWWA office near them. For online applications, a representative can settle the membership fee in the Philippines.

4. What requirements do I need to submit for OWWA application or renewal?

Requirements include duly accomplished OWWA Membership Form, job contract or proof of employment, copy of passport, and work permit.

5. Why can’t I apply for OWWA membership?

You are terminated or subject to termination or cancellation, resigned, or no work, no pay.


With all the information and tips in this short guide, you can now easily get a copy of the OFW Information Sheet or OWWA Membership Form, whether online or by visiting the nearest OWWA office in your area. Remember that all OFWs need to accomplish this form in order to be eligible for the benefits and services of OWWA and other relevant government agencies that promote and protect the welfare of all Filipino migrant workers.

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